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Daniela Lanaia

Solas ~ Light, spiritual illumination (Gaelic).

We invite you to gather with us as we approach winter solstice to enter into sacred space, sound and stillness, to illuminate the heart and welcome in the Light.

Known for her ‘crystalline voice’ and ‘music that penetrates the heart’, Daniela will be sharing the beautiful music of Anima accompanied by a powerful sound healing transmission through voice, Quartz Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, angelic tones, guitar, mantra, prayers and silence. Daniela will also be joined by some special guests… to be revealed soon.  :)

These sound healing events are an invitation to journey deep into crystalline, celestial and earth energies through sound, which can open us in profound ways, peeling away our many layers, revealing the sacred essence within.  As a group we come together, each of us a unique strand in the beautiful tapestry of sound being woven.  You are invited to listen, be still, sing, tone, receive, open; to breathe and merge with the energetic transmissions through the sound, music and meditations.  The music and meditations are a gentle invitation to empty your mind, open your heart, and surrender.  In this space of deep relaxation and stillness, inner shifts and healing may occur, as we attune in resonance and expand in Light.  Mother Earth is calling us now to Be Still and Listen.  May we each purify, heal, and remember ourselves as drops of Light in the great Ocean of Life…  We look forward to co-creating these sacred spaces with you…

“Thank you ANIMA. What a beautiful relaxing evening. Your voice is beautiful and like a magic key that opens up a part of the heart that was once closed. It was an honour to meet you and you touched many hearts in Liverpool last night. Thank you” ~ Dee

“Thank you, Daniella, for a blissful, peace infused, evening in Glasgow. The space of light and sound that you create is a delicious balm for the soul. ?” ~ Margaret

“Divine, supreme sound healing. Heart-touching, innovative celestial harmony, a masterpiece of music. This frequencies have the power to turn everything around, it is good love. Thank you!” ~ Berengar

“London was amazing! It’s hard to put into words, but I felt my heart was really open and I had an incredible feeling of love… and had the most wonderful sleep that night! Thank you” ~ Lucy .


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.

Dates:  8th December ’17.

Times:  7.30pm – 10.00pm.

Cost:  £12.

For more information please contact Daniela:-

+447475 749967               E-mail               Website               Facebook               Booking