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5 Rhythms® is a dance practice and a dynamic moving meditation.  It is the life work of the late Gabrielle Roth, dance teacher, theatre director and recording artist.  Gabrielle believed that if we put the body in motion, the psyche will heal itself.  5 Rhythms is a practice in which we begin to put the whole of ourselves, body, heart and mind into movement, discovering how and who we truly are.

Each of the Rhythms – Flowing®, Staccato®, Chaos®, Lyrical®, Stillness® – has a different kind of energy.  In moving through them, we get the chance to experience, practise and play with different aspects of being human:-

• in Flowing, our movements are rounded, circling, continuous, focusing on our feet and our connection with the earth
• in Staccato, our movements are defined and angular, with shapes and edges, as we find the beat in our hips, the passion in our hearts, and clarity to express ourselves in the world
• in Chaos, we shake up, shake out, let go, giving permission to our whole body to move, to tremble, to experience change
• and from the crucible of Chaos comes Lyrical, the freedom to move as only we can, to find the creative spirit that is our own unique dance
• in Stillness are the movements that come when there is nothing left but awareness of this moment, this breath, this heart, beating to the same pulse in every living being.

5 Rhythms is for anyone who wants to dance.  No matter your age, size, shape, level of fitness, or experience of dance, you are welcome in this practice.  Drop-in classes at In The Moment are on Wednesday evenings, 6.30 – 8.30 pm with either Angela Lord or Barbara Sellars.  Contact us for more information:-
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angela@dancesweetfreedom.co.uk     +447977 762604
barbara@peacockstail.co.uk     +447541 301930