Ferrie imageAre you ready to go on this journey of discovery and re-connection to yourself?

Do you ever feel off?  Like you are out of balance and you don’t know why?  Angry but with no reason, tired and without doing much?  This can be easily related to our energetic field, often also referred to as our ‘aura’.  We each have our own aura and due to life stresses such as our job, personal relations or illness, we can become disconnected from ourselves, out of balance and take on the emotions of others in our busy daily lives.

You are invited to reconnect with your essence.  Through the medium of meditation we will take a journey through our energetic field.  We will harness the power within to balance our chakras and cleanse our aura of any stagnant energies which are not serving us.  We will channel the universal energy to envelop us in a protective sphere where we are at one with ourselves, learning and understanding how to centre ourselves while encountering other frequencies outwith our own on a daily basis.  You will connect with your inner fountain of self love and compassion in turn bringing a sense of calm to your life and to those close to you.

Meditation is a way of life and by incorporating the Aura Cleanse meditation into your routine you will see significant changes, such as a feeling of lightness, love and compassion for others as well as more balance.  This deep energetic cleanse will lead aid you in a better understanding of the dynamics and blockages that have taken up your time and that have prevented you from your own personal evolution.

This practice, which comes from Brazil and is widely used in the ‘Escola da Aura’ as part of the Inkiri Healing community, step by step guides us back to ourselves, what we really are and who we really are.  As an experienced teacher who lives meditation as a way of life, Dani will guide you through each step on this journey in a space of love and non-judgement.  Dani studied this practice with her Teacher in Lisbon, Portugal and has translated and adapted it to English from Portuguese in order to be able to share it with people wherever she goes.

Each session will be comprised of guided meditation as well as discussions on energy, chakras, blockages and mindfulness in general.  Dani is a flexible guide and understands that each person as well as each group is it’s own system with differing needs and paths therefore, depending on the group or individual preferences, sessions can be altered to meet different needs.  Dani believes that community is also an important part of this journey of life and spirituality.  In turn, she feels it is important for us to connect with ourselves but also with our group to share and grow together, which is why new and experienced meditators alike are welcome.

Contact Dani for details & booking.