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Biodanza is a group experience of movement, expression and connection.  It aims to stimulate our natural life potentials – for example of vitality, of creativity and of affectionate connection with ourselves and with others.

There are no steps to learn!  But we do learn to befriend the wisdom within our bodies: all too often we override this with “rational” thinking.  Through movement and carefully chosen music, we develop a deeper presence to our feelings, our body experience and the human link we share with others.

Classes are clearly structured, with the teacher explaining and demonstrating the exercises.  These usually progress from fairly active movement early on, to slower, more restful exercises later.  Some exercises focus on our personal exploration; others invite a connection and exploration through movement with one or more companions.

Among many benefits, Biodanza provides an opportunity to become “more of ourselves”, to manage stress and anxiety effectively, to feel more confident, and to enrich our relationships.

Biodanza comes from South America, which has a strong influence on much of the music used.  It was created by Rolando Toro Araneda in the 1960’s and has been slowly spreading since that time.  Teachers are regulated by the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF), and the UK has a professional association – ABTUK: the Assocation of Biodanza Teachers in the UK.