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The benefits of yoga and meditation have already been proved by many scientific studies. The strengthening of our focus and attention, calming our mind in an extraordinary way, is just one of them, making us much more efficient and productive. More and more companies nowadays are introducing yoga and meditation in their workplace to improve the wellbeing and happiness of their employees with remarkable results, becoming companies with more capacity for growing and competitiveness.
To invest in health within the company is profitable. Research published by the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) states that for each euro invested in these kinds of programs the ROI is of 2.5 to 4.8 euro in absenteeism and between 2.3 and 5.9 euros in illness costs.
In addition, the practice of Yoga and meditation contribute to a better work atmosphere which help to reduce the labour dispute in a high percentage. All this together with the increase of creativity make the implementation of these programs of workplace health promotion profitable for the company from any view point.

Yoga & Health Programme
A program of Wellbeing and Corporate Heath produces effects in two directions:
Absenteeism, sick leave, workplace accidents, stress and work disputes are all reduced.
Employee physical & emotional wellbeing, performance & productivity, corporate atmosphere & service, employee commitment & loyalty, satisfaction & motivation, and company image are all improved.

All yoga sessions are 99% practice and 1% theory. It is about learning through the practice. We learn through experience and as such each session is unique and incomparable. The sessions are tailor made to each particular group which facilitates the development of personal competences through the personal experiences of themselves.
Through the different Yoga sessions the participants will learn different techniques and tools that they will be able to put into practice in a easy wayThe most appropriate techniques will be selected to work on body, mind and spirit with the aim that this program contributes to the whole company allowing the development of an authentic and transformative leadership.
The practice of Yoga trains the attention allowing people to develop internal resources of observation and autocontrol to deactivate automatic reactions due to chronic stress through the clear observation of body and emotional reactions that arise in face of a stress trigger. This program is aimed at all types of professional profiles in any field.

12 Programme Benefits
1. Reduction of staff turnover
2. Reduction of absenteeism
3. Increase of motivation and satisfaction
4. Increase of productivity and performance
5. Improvement in Corporate/Brand image as a company that cares for its employees’ well-being
6. Increase of employees’ commitment and loyalty
7. Better capacity to handle stressful situations
8. More clarity to make decisions
9. Improvement of creativity skills to solve problems
10. Able to keep a balanced and focused mind in challenging situations
11. Create and maintain healthy habits in the workplace
12. Access to a higher level of calm and stability

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