Hatha Yoga is not a style of Yoga, it is the term which describes all styles of physical yoga which include postures (asana) and breathing exercises (pranayama).  Although the postures which feature in Hatha Yoga classes are all pretty similar, the way in which they are practiced differs depending on the style of yoga and the teacher’s background.  There are many styles of Hatha Yoga – some of the the most familiar are Ashtanga, Iyengar and Sivananda.  Very often a Hatha Yoga class will include elements of the different styles the teacher has studied or practiced.
Gentle Hatha Yoga 2.30 to 3.45 on Thursdays – £8 per class.

This class, lead by Caroline is aimed at those who are looking for a more gentle yoga class with a focus on energising and strengthening the internal organs which are so important for our vitality and health.  It is ideal for older people, anyone suffering from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or digestive disorders such as IBS.

Please text/phone Caroline if you have any queries.