Expect to work hard and build up a sweat in this vigorous, dynamic style of yoga. The focus of a Power Yoga class is on building strength and increasing flexibility.  There will be lots of Vinyasa (flowing sequence of movements and postures), along with postures that are held for longer periods to encourage muscles to either build or release, depending on the pose.

Power Yoga incorporates strong balances, advanced options for binds, arm balances and inversions, and after all that hard work you’ll need a very well deserved Savasana (guided relaxation at the end).

Power Yoga was derived from Ashtanga in the mid-90s, but unlike Ashtanga it doesn’t follow a set sequence, so each class will be different allowing teachers and students the flexibility to explore different postures and sequences.

Power Yoga is challenging and physically demanding, so you’ll need to be in reasonable shape before trying a class.  Power Yoga will improve your stamina, strength, flexibility and it will also make you feel POWERFUL!