Moller image renew you 20-04An uplifting 13 week coaching program that will help you to stay positive, take a fresh look at your life & focus on what matters most to you!


​These are challenging times, full of uncertainty, anxiety and stress.  When we’re worrying or feeling powerless, taking action (of any kind) helps us feel more in control – which in turn helps reduce our fear and worry.  The Renew You! is an uplifting, proactive coaching program that will help you to stay positive, take a fresh look at your life and focus on what matters most to you.

Balanced and well-crafted, the Renew You! program will guide you through a 3 step process over a course of 90 days.  In 3 months, you’ll get to the heart of what’s holding you back and getting in your way so you can reset your habits and refresh your life.

Program overview:

Month 1: Take Stock – Discover what makes your heart sing!
In the first month, we’ll take stock of where you’re at, discover what makes your heart sing and take the first steps to brighten up your life!  Through powerful coaching exercises we’ll identify ways to invest in what feeds your soul, and connect what you discover about yourself with your goals!

Month 2: Declutter – Give your life a spring clean!
In the second month, we do a detox to get rid of the obstacles and energy sucks that are getting in the way of your well-being.  By cutting away the dead wood, you’ll make space for new growth.  Commit to letting go of what is holding you back so you can embrace your life with optimism and vitality!

Month 3: Design – Embrace your purpose-driven life with fresh energy and a positive outlook!

In the last month, we’ll set healthy new habits to support you and create a spark team of positive people who support, encourage and inspire you to achieve what you want in your life.  You’ll set well-crafted achievable goals for the next quarter – based on the vision you have for your life.  With daily practices and long-term visioning you’ll gain the momentum you need to spring into success.

Make the most of your extra time at home and set the intention to come out of these troubled times better than before.

2 options:

  • “Renew YOU!” 1-1 coaching program. 13 x one-to-one coaching sessions. Sessions to take place at a mutually convenient time decided by Coach & Client. Ready to start from 20th April 2020.
  • “Renew You!” small group (3 people) coaching program. Session options: group 1 @ Mondays 11-12 noon (group starts 27th April 2020) ; group 2 @ Saturdays 3:00pm-4:00pm (group starts 25th April 2020).
For more information and to book your spot contact or visit