Hudson PicRoncametrics

With Kara Hudson & Chris Honey

Roncametrics is a brand new wellbeing program, launched in January 2018 in the UK, which teaches how to; best use your body to get what you want from it; breathe in a way you’ve never done before; and gain a greater understanding of how your muscles work to great toning effect. Roncametrics is also great for improving posture, relieving back pain and dealing with stress. Along with this, the course has been highly recommended by physiotherapist Sophie Banks.

This course uses exercises and asanas taken from Yoga, Pilates, Flow, Alexander Technique and resistance training, designed to enhance muscle definition throughout the body and increase endorphins to give a sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Every class is very interactive, with the instructor demonstrating every exercise and explaining and discussing as they go. Roncametrics instructors are passionate about making sure everybody understands their own body and how to get the best from themselves, without comparing to others, which is why we make sure to talk with our students throughout each class.

The class structure is set so that for every one/two ‘toning’ exercises there is one ‘flow’ exercise. This is to ensure that the body is not tightening up with the toning exercises, as well as ensuring the encouragement of flexibility in the muscles and also to bring in the wellbeing and relaxation aspect that we believe to be vital. With the hectic lives we all lead, we need to be able to know how to properly unwind as well as exercise!

Roncametrics was founded by Gill Roncarelli who found that by combining principles of the disciplines mentioned above she was left with the ultimate body toning and wellbeing program. Gill is a professional Physical Theatre practitioner and choreographer and was Senior Lecturer and Head of Dance in Higher Education for over 20 years. She has spent these last 20+ years perfecting the Roncametrics program and, after extensive training of instructors, we are now ready to teach it to you!

The Introduction To Roncametrics course teaches you how to use the techniques in everyday life, so after the course with these classes you can continue confidently using and building on what you learn, knowing that it will continue to make a difference for you mentally and physically.

Only participants who have completed the Introduction To Roncametrics course may attend the maintenance classes.  Booking for the course is essential.


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow, G3 7DS.

Dates:  Course –  postponed.

Times:  Course – postponed.  Classes – postponed.

Cost:  Course – £90.  Classes – £10.


For more information please contact Kara (photographed above):-

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