Empower Your Journey Towards Emotional Freedom With This 8-Week Breathwork Experience. Melt Your Tensions. Move Through Difficult Emotions. Empower Your Healing Process. Most Importantly… Learn How To Self-Facilitate And Continue Your Journey On Your Own.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel anxious or overwhelmed and want more in control in your life
  • You’re stressed and strive to feel comfortable in your own body
  • You’re ready to release the burden of unresolved emotions and find freedom
  • You want to feel centred and not depend on external validation
  • You’re ready to break unhealthy patterns and attract loving relationships
  • You’re ready to empower yourself and move towards your life’s purpose

If so then what follows may just be the information you need.

Trapped Emotions May Be Undermining Your Peace of Mind

Do you know what happens to difficult emotions? They often get trapped in your body as tension and in your mind as subconscious beliefs about who you are and how you relate to life.

These beliefs can undermine your best intentions for living a happy and fulfilled life. I understand. It’s difficult to thrive and live to your fullest when you get hijacked by your emotions or lose your emotional balance. You know there’s more to life but you can never quite get to where you want to be.

And if you let them fester they can manifest in other ways in your life:

  • You are often distracted by your thoughts and have difficulty finding the energy for what matters to you in your life.
  • You get overly anxious which stops you enjoying life as much as you could.
  • You have difficulty sleeping and can’t function properly.
  • You no longer do enough of the things that bring you joy and fulfillment.
  • You have difficulty saying ‘no’ to others or prioritising your own needs.
  • You don’t trust others and worry if you speak out you’ll be rejected or attacked.
  • You feel like you’re on a never ending search for healing.
  • You feel stuck in one place and feel discouraged to start anything new.
  • You want to do work that’s aligned with your spiritual aspirations but something holds you back.

I Can Relate. I’ve Experienced Many Of These Challenges Too.

For years I struggled with my own particular challenge. I felt a sense of something unresolved locked up in my body. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was carrying a lot of unresolved trauma and this was impacting my life in various ways. I felt deep anxiety, depression and self doubt. I was stuck in my head all the time, I struggled with indecision and couldn’t commit to relationships. Most of all, I often sabotaged myself just when I was getting somewhere in my life.

And with my decades of meditation I considered myself quite an evolved human being!

In my search for healing over many years I explored everything that came my way. I learned a lot, healed a lot, but what really enabled me to change my life was when I discovered breathwork.

My Name is John Paul and I Empower People To Find Emotional Freedom in Their Life.

I changed my life with breathwork and I’d like to help you change yours. I trained with several UK and International teachers, hold a diploma in Rebirthing Breathwork and am a member of both the International Breathwork Foundation and the British Rebrithing Society.

In the 13 years of my experience with Breathwork I have taken hundreds of clients through deeply transformative journeys with the breath via one-one sessions, online group sessions and transformational online courses such as this one.

Having seen over the years how much breathwork has actually changed both my own life and that of clients, I wanted to empower people to be able to use the Breathwork process for themselves. That’s why I created this course. If you are looking for a way to reduce stress and anxiety, heal trauma or empower yourself to find more peace, joy and freedom, then you will benefit from this 8-week journey.

Venue:  In The Moment Online.

Dates:  15th Sep – 3rd Nov ’21.

Times:  7.00pm – 9.15pm.

Cost:  £297 (or 3 instalments of £110).

For more information please contact Contact John Paul:-

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