Course Details

Learn to:
• empower and prepare pregnant women for a positive birth experience.
• support women in this voyage of discovery – using yoga to support that journey.

What will the course cover?
• plan and teach yoga to pregnant women at different stages of pregnancy with reference to anatomy and physiology, and yoga philosophy.
• the specific Guidelines for Safety as detailed by the British Wheel of Yoga.  Students will have a working knowledge of these Guidelines and be able to incorporate them into their classes.
• a variety of yoga postures that address the needs of pregnancy, paying particular attention to postural awareness, the pelvic floor, managing fatigue, positions for labour, and encouraging babies into the best possible position prior to birth.
• identifying situations of special need, where referral to other agencies might be appropriate.
• students’ capacity to deal with another woman’s grief and loss – both compassionately and authentically.
• a variety of breathing practices that are focusing, calming and applicable to pregnancy and labour.
• several approaches to relaxation to support the pregnant woman.
• develop publicity, plan and teach a series of classes to a group of pregnant women.

Who Can Apply?
This 85 hour module is available to all yoga teachers holding a recognised teacher training of minimum 200 hours.  Membership of the British Wheel of Yoga is required for the duration of the course – currently £34 per annum.

Assignments and Assessment:
Assessment during the course will involve some teaching to the group, presentations and worksheets.  A final teaching observation will be assessed by an BWY approved assessor

Fees & Registration:
This module will be held over 2 weekends (Friday eve to Sunday pm) plus Final Day at In the Moment.  To register: please contact Judy Cameron.


In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow, G3 7DS

10th (6.00pm) to 12th (4.00pm) March 2017

2nd (6.00pm) to 4th (4.00pm) June 2017

9th September 2017

Cost £630 (paid as a lump sum or by instalments), an additional £50 will be payable for the final teaching observation.

 For more information please contact Judy Cameron:-

+447792 079389