Mavromatidi image Creating SpaceCREATING SPACE: Yoga and Mindfulness for Musicians – Online Course

Designed by a Musician with the Musicians’ best interest at heart this Course provides a unique opportunity to explore and share with a group of like minded people some simple, yet highly effective Yogic and Mindfulness practices.  Tried and tested in life as a musician – during teaching, when preparing for and performing in the concerts, when facing stage nerves or confronting the inner critic, dealing with challenging pupil’s or colleague’s behaviour – you can continue the list!  Since practising Yoga and Mindfulness became part of my daily life I can’t help but notice the positive transformation that is taking place in mind and in life and I am keen to share my experiences and accumulated knowledge with fellow musicians!

Workshops 1 and 2:
Sunday 26th April and Sunday 10th May
2 – 4pm
“Intention and Motivation – Why are we on this journey?  The power of intentional living.”

Workshops 3 and 4:
Sunday 24 May and 7th June
2 – 4pm
“Attention – Mindful Instrumental Practice – Building a secure Musical Autopilot.”

Workshop 5 and 6:
Sunday 21st June and Sunday 5th July
2 – 4pm
“Attitude – Cultivating 7 Mindful Attitudes in the musician’s daily life.”

Developed and led by:  Anna Mavromatidi Whyte, Piano Tutor RCS, Department of Keyboard and Collaborative Piano, Glasgow.  Clifton Hall School, Edinburgh.  Yoga and Mindfulness Sharer.


Venue: In The Moment Online.

Dates: 26th April, 10th May, 24th May, 7th June, 21st June & 5th July ’20.

Times: 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm.

Cost: £120 (£90 Students).

For more information please contact Contact Anna:-

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