Hunter TSYP LogoA 72 contact hour course held over 12 Saturdays for students or teachers who wish to learn more about the tradition of the great yogi, Professor Krishnamacharya and his son, TKV Desikachar.

This unique approach integrates practical teachings about āsana, prāṇāyāma, use of sound and meditative techniques, with the teachings of Pataňjali’s Yoga sutra and other texts.  Above all, it emphasises the importance of adapting yoga to the individual.  A large part of the course will be about the art of developing a home practice tailored to your specific needs and how to adapt this to circumstances.


To provide a structured course in this tradition in order
• to deepen experience and study in this tradition
• to encourage personal development
• to provide a sound basis for those who wish to continue towards TSYP teacher training


This course is perfect for
• yoga practitioners with at least 2 years’ experience, who wish to develop and deepen their personal practice and study of yoga
• Existing teachers who wish to understand more about the Krishnamacharya tradition and its approach to practice
• Students wishing to undertake training to become a yoga teacher.  Most teacher training courses require students to have undertaken some formal study prior to training to teach.

The course will be limited to a maximum of 15 participants.


By the end of the course participants will
• have an awareness and appreciation of the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar
• have a basic knowledge and understanding of the history of yoga
• have an overview of Pataňjali’s Yoga Sūtra and its importance as the key yoga text
• be aware of a range of āsana and be able to practice them appropriately
• be able to plan a simple personal practice
• have knowledge and understanding of the main prāṇāyāma techniques and be able to practice them appropriately
• know the definition of meditation and have explored meditative practices
• have experienced and explored the role of sound in yoga
• know the definition of mantra and have practised some mantra
• be aware of some basic principles of Āyurveda
• be aware of the basic rules of Sanskrit pronunciation and be able to pronounce key Sanskrit terms from the course


• History of Yoga Definition, context of yoga’s evolution in India, stages of yoga
• Yoga Philosophy Overview of Pataňjali’s Yoga Sūtra
• Āsana Definitions and qualities. Vinyasa krama. Adaptation and modification
• Practice planning Structuring personal practice
• Prāṇāyāma Definitions and qualities, basic techniques and practice
• Meditation Definition and practice
• Mantra and chanting Definition and practice
• Ayurveda Basic principles
• Sanskrit Introduction to pronunciation of key words and āsana names.

Home study:

Students will be encouraged to take a regular, personal practice appropriate to them.  Practice planning with guidance.  Reading & reflection.

Set book:

The Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar.  Other books/references will be suggested throughout the course.


Learning checks through informal review in group.


Questionnaire mid-way through and at end of course


TSYP certificate of attendance – 85% attendance required.  Missed days to be made up with tutor at additional cost.


Ann Hunter has been practising yoga since 1979 and her practice has supported her through many life challenges.  She decided to train as a teacher so that she could share the benefits of yoga with others and completed her initial four-year teacher training with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) in 2002.

During her training, she became interested in the teaching of T Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar.  After a further three years of study, she graduated with a diploma to teach in this tradition in 2008.  This qualification is recognised as an advanced teaching diploma by BWY.  Ann has been on several study trips to the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in Chennai.  This was set up as an independent trust by Desikachar to honour his father Krishnamacharya.  Its remit is to continue his work of teaching yoga to individuals.

Ann has deepened her study of using yoga therapeutically by working with Dr N Chandrasekaran in Chennai.  Dr NC set up the Yoga Therapy Department at KYM, but now works independently.  Ann received a Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Dr NC in January 2018 and completed her internship in January 2019.

She runs regular Saturday morning workshops in Glasgow in addition to weekly classes and individual tuition for students.  She is an assistant tutor on TSYP’s Teacher Training Course which is currently running in Glasgow.  She has already run two successful Introductory/Foundation Courses.

Comments from previous students on the course:

A great starting point to develop knowledge of yoga philosophy and learn how to use Yoga off the mat to bring more peace, love and joy into your life” ~ Claire

Ann’s knowledge, dedication to preparation and delivery of the course together with her encouragement, support and guidance have led me to develop a regular yoga practise that expands into every aspect of my life. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of this and to have learned more than I could have ever imagined.”  ~ Moira

Contact Ann for further details and application form – closing date for applications 31st January 2020.


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.  map

Dates:  12 Saturdays, February ’20 – December ’20.  22 Feb, 21 Mar, 25 Apr, 16 May, 13 Jun, 04 Jul, 01 Aug, 29 Aug, 19 Sep, 10 Oct, 07 Nov & 05 Dec.

Times:  10.00 am – 5.00 pm.

Cost:  £650, including membership of TSYP for duration of the course.  £125 non-returnable deposit on acceptance of place; balance of £525 due at start of course
or by 5 payments of £105 by 22 February, 21 March, 25 April, 16 May and 13 June 2020.

For more information please contact Contact Ann:-

+44141 647 1817               E-mail               Facebook               Website             Booking