Hudson Roncametrics Logo 1Introduction To Roncametrics

with Kara Hudson

Is your life hectic and stressful?  In today’s times we all struggle to fit in exercise and relaxation, and that’s where Roncametrics comes in!  This course guarantees a change in your attitude towards your everyday movement. Exercise can become part of your normal life!  Learn how to relax muscle groups whilst activating others; learn how to stretch and flow energy around your body; learn how to maintain good posture and alignment in a stress-free way; learn how to laugh at ourselves when we assume we are all built in the same way; and more importantly, given our incredibly busy lives, learn how to dedicate 3 hours a week to recharging our own batteries.

When you attend the first session you will record the initial measurements of your bicep, chest, waist, hips and thigh and calf.  On the last session your latest measurements will be compared to those at the start, this is done for encouragement as well as to show you that when you commit the course really does make a difference!

Week one: The first section of the program explores attitudes towards one’s own body and focuses on the location and isolation of muscle groups, posture, breathing, alignment, resistance work and mental focus.

Week two: The second section of the program focuses on playfulness, Isometric counterbalances and stretching, plus the core exercises.

Week three: In the final section, the whole program is taught plus the yoga-based cool down.

Weekly follow-on maintenance classes will continue, only for those who have completed this course

This is just some of the feedback we’ve had:

‘I’d lost 7 stone through Slimming world but had come to a bit of a standstill. I continued with Slimming world and did the Roncametrics trial and lost 33 cm overall in six sessions. I can’t believe it! I’m a Ronca-liever!’  ~ Abbie (26)

‘I do a lot of exercise: ‘Spinning’, ‘Body Attack’, ‘Running’, ‘Swimming’; everything I can really, but I have never been able to tone my stomach and have always lacked muscle definition. I cannot believe that I have been exercising for so long without really understanding how my body works. Why did I not know this? My body has changed shape! I love it!’  ~ Adele (33)

‘This has been great. I love the people and the approach and I am definitely more toned, flexible and aware of how my body works. No matter how bad we all felt before a class we all came out feeling great!’  ~ Sally (40)

Come and be part of something that really will make a difference to your life!


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow, G3 7DS.

Dates:  postponed.

Times:  postponed.

Cost:  £90.


For more information please contact Kara:-

+447811 529696               E-mail               Website               Facebook               Booking