Mindfulness Course For Yoga Teachers – with Ratnadevi – 11th & 12th February and 11th & 12 March – 10.00–17.00

‘Mindfulness’, the deliberate, non-judgemental and curious moment-by-moment attentiveness to your experience  may be familiar to yoga teachers of any school.  You will already be used to regular practice of movement and meditations of various kinds and know how immensely beneficial they can be for yourself and your students.  This course, which is based on Mindfulness-based Cogntive Therapy and Stress Reduction (MBCT/ MBSR) will take your practice further and help you to

  • Be in the flow of the present moment more of the time, on and off the yoga mat
  • Notice and enjoy more of the richness and nourishment life offers
  • Navigate the territory of painful sensations and emotions more effectively
  • Lessen mental rumination and addictive patterns
  • Understand how the mind works with the help of neuroscience and ancient Buddhist wisdom
  • Become a more empathetic and skilled communicator
  • Find creative ways to enhancing the mindfulness component of your yoga teaching
  • Take the first step towards becoming a certified mindfulness teacher

Held over 2 weekends the course is based on the standard 8 week MBCT/ MBSR course.  It would qualify you to go on to mindfulness teacher training if you chose to do so.  (Please note that the UK guidelines for mindfulness teachers say that you will also have to have practised daily for at least a year before embarking on a teacher training programme.)  Depending on interest, a teacher training may be offered as part 2 of this course.

An essential part of the training is daily homework and you will be checking in about your home practice with a ‘buddy’ in between the sessions.  An important part of the programme is concerned with thoughts and thinking, learning to gradually transform ruminative and judgemental habits.  Mindfulness practice leads to highly improved strategies for living well in all areas: mental, physical and relational.

Benefits of doing a course for Yoga teachers, led by a yoga teacher include in-depth enquiry in the mindful movement component of the programme.  It will shine light on the relationship of bodywork and meditation, as well as bringing to life attitudinal elements, such as being rather than doing; non-striving; beginner’s mind and above all, kindly acceptance.  The course will include explorations on how mindfulness can not only be of continued personal value, but also how it can inform your yoga teaching.

The facilitator: Ratnadevi (Luise Holtbernd PHD) www.livingmindfulness.net

Ratnadevi is a yoga teacher, mindfulness teacher/trainer and retreat leader of over 30 years experience.  Her teaching presence is often described as gentle, kind and authoritative, creating a safe place for people.  Her experience is giving her the confidence to bring playfulness and creativity into the classroom, so the learning feels fresh and stimulating for everyone (including herself!).

Enquiries: info@livingmindfulness.net

In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow, G3 7DS

11th & 12 February and 11th & 12th March 2017

10.00am – 5.00pm

 Cost £220 including cds and course materials.

Booking:  please send the full amount or a non-returnable deposit of £50.  Cheques to be made out to L. Holtbernd and it is possible to transfer directly to L. Holtbernd, 00172480, 83-21-37 (please give your name as reference).  You will receive a letter of confirmation and more info.

Any balance to be paid at arrival, by cheque or in cash.

 For more information please contact Ratnadevi:-

+447840 527339 or +44141 946 8096



Postal address: Ratnadevi, 2/1 14 Garrioch Drive, Glasgow G20 8RS.