Livingstone Image 2Move well, think well, feel well!

NIA is a fantastic mind/body/soul fitness programme.  If you’re looking for something new for 2019, Nia is it!  This fantastic 6 week course aims to teach you the principles of the Nia technique, the 52 moves choreographed to amazing and diverse music, and so much more.  Nia started in Portland, US and is now in over 45 countries.  It combines moves from the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts and has many benefits for mind, body and soul.  It is non-impact and combines slow movements with faster, cardio moves giving you an overall workout to develop balance in mind and body.

As a Clinical Psychologist and Nia Blue Belt Practitioner, I combine my mindfulness and dance/movement skills to help you feel more balanced, joyful and relaxed.  The benefits of Nia for the mind include improved concentration, attention, memory and stress levels.  Physically, Nia increases strength, flexibility, agility, mobility and stability.

I hope you will book the course, or drop in for a class to experience this fantastic mind/body fitness programme.  No previous experience is necessary and it can be done at three different levels of intensity.  It is danced barefoot and you need comfortable clothes, water and a smile!  Livingstone Image 3


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.

Dates:  25th January to 8th March ’19 (Fridays except 8th February).

Times:  10.30 am – 11.30 am.

Cost:  Earlybird (booking by 20th January) £38; £42 after 20th January; £8.50 drop in per class.

For more information please contact Contact Joanna:-

+447812 105989               Email             Facebook               Website               Booking