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Lalita’ Sacred Shores

Sacred Shores Yoga Teacher Training (SSYTT) School is run by Sian Lalita’Alcock and is an IYN Registered School offering a 200 hour YRT course.

The goal of this training program is to create a dynamic blend of yoga practices from the Rajadhiraja Tantric traditions, modern yoga styles (based on Hatha yoga) with an integration of Land based Feminine Wisdom and Medicine Teachings.

This training incorporates principles of alignment, safety and physical therapy.  Along with this, SSYTT aims to support trainees in exploring and discovering their own unique inner yoga teacher while having a strong base of their own regular yoga practices and the necessary practical experience and knowledge with which to safely teach and support others on their journeys and to express this in harmony with their own inner dharma, gifts and creative flair.


While physically, at the base, the Raja Dhiraja asanas along with various mudras and bandhas are used, there is also a blend of different practices that can be open to individual interpretation and inner exploration along with meditation and kirtan practices.  The main focus of the asanas is internal as they influence the endocrine glands which support the balancing and refinement of the physical body as a vehicle for the souls journey into deeper meditative practices.

Philosophy and Teachings

Though they go back some thousands of years, many of the teachings and practices on this course come more recently in the last century from the Yoga Master, Shrii Shrii Anandmurti.  While they come from the ancient Tantric tradition, it is important for this school that the teachings are non-dogmatic and relevant for the complexities of each individual (both female and male) today, and can be integrated into our lives in a healthy and heartful way.

The central teachings of “Self Realization and Service to all” are based on the Tantric tradition, also known as Raja Dhiraja Yoga.  While there is a strong emphasis on asana/yoga postures in this training it is important to know that there is a deep philosophical undercurrent to all practices.  At the root, are the Yamas and Niyamas, the practices/sadhana are considered to be “the way” with the goal being spiritual realisation or Samadhi.  Karma, Jinana and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of action, knowledge and devotion) are explored as a way of life.  The teachings also encompass the Eight limbs of Yoga – As’taunga Yoga, the four aspects of Bhagavata Dharma, The Cycle of Creation – Brahma Cakra; Life, Death and Samska’ra (Karma), the Kos’as/Layers of the Mind and Yoga Psychology – the science of the Cakras.

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Sian Lalita’ Alcock

Sian Lalita’ Alcock

Lalita’, the main trainer for this course, has been travelling globally and teaching yoga for over 30 years and has been a trainer for about 20 years including working with the Ananda Marga Yoga Teacher Training School as well as the Himalayan Yoga Institute, both registered schools with the Yoga Alliance (USA).

Upon returning to the UK, Lalita’ was inspired to bring these beautiful Tantric/Rajadhiraja teachings together along with her own feminine wisdom of the Land blended with her ongoing training (over the last 8 years) as a Medicine Woman – with Agatha Manouche, thus creating her own integrative non-dogmatic teacher training program that seeks to honour each student’s unique inner and outer journey, their Dharma, sometimes known as the Sacred Dream of their Soul.



This course is taught as a year long program live online and begins on April 14th 2021 and completes in March 2022.
• Each month consists:
◦ 2 Wednesday evening tutorial sessions 6-9 pm
◦ Minimum of 6 classes plus one 2 hour workshop
◦ During the course of the training, trainees are free to attend unlimited classes beyond those specified.
◦ Averaging 14.5 hours per month (with August off and a few weeks in December.)
While all sessions are important to attend live, especially the Wednesday Tutorials, so as to be accessible to those with differing work, health and home circumstances recordings will also be made available.
• There will also be one to one tutorial sessions throughout the course of the year.
Currently, the final teaching part of the assessment and certification process (with IYN – YRT 200 stamp), needs to be live in person, but that may be reviewed as there are so many unknowns at present.


“Completing my 200hour YTT with Sian Lalita’ was the start of a transformative and beautiful journey.  The mysteries of the ancient philosophies explained so that I now have a practical framework for life and a real joy and confidence in sharing with others.  Sian’s dedication to her own dharma is an honour to learn from, and this relationship has continued through mentorship as I have felt necessary.  I can not recommend this beautiful YTT highly enough.” ~ Emma Carter – Yoga Teacher.


Alcock image ttc 21-04 3Mentoring and support is also available to all yoga teachers.


Venue:  In The Moment Online.

Dates:  14th April ’21 – March ’22, programme as above.

Times:  various, see programme above.

Cost:  £2,000, with payment plan available.

For more information please contact Contact Sian:-

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