Hirst Image 1Are you ready to start your Yoga teaching journey?

Deyna Devi is initially offering a 200 hours certification, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, with the opportunity for further development.  Now in its 4th year, Inner Fire training invites you to taste eclectic Hatha Yoga styles and evolve your own authentic Yoga teaching way.  Core training runs over 7 weekend modules and a 5 day residential (non-residential also possible), plus an assessment (to be arranged as convenient or included in the residential).

Contact hours with lead trainer (Deyna): 140.  Module hours with trainer of your choice: 40.  Home study: minimum 20 hours.


Course Syllabus (additional details here)

Weekend 1:  o What is Yoga and can we teach it?  o Who are we and why are we?  o Deep Yoga breath and circulation.  o Anatomy of Asana: Roots, muscles and movement.  o Essential alignments of Asana.  o Pawanamuktasana series (Joint-freeing sequence) and the skeleton it supports.  o Ancient wisdom, present practice.  o Structuring a class from the foundations.  o Patanjali’s 8 limbs: Yoga as a way of life.  o Tadasana + variations + simple standing stretches.  o Teaching practice: Roots and alignments.

Weekend 2:  o Structuring a class: Dru Yoga Slow Flow.  o Fascia: connection and compression.  o Salute to the Sun + variations.  o Principles and practice of Pranayama to help physical respiration and circulation.  o Teaching Relaxation, Meditation and mindfulness and knowing the difference.  o Structuring a class: Arc model.  o Our five Bodies (Koshas) and flowing Pranas.  o Relaxing with the Pranas and Koshas: Deep Yoga Nidra.  o Activations and warm-ups of mind and body.  o Teaching Practice: Strength and Flexibility.

Weekend 3:  o Structuring a class: Fixed posture sequence (Sivananda).  o Chakras, Nadis and Nerves: East meets West.  o Regulating our inner world through Yoga practice.  o Teaching practice: Our outer and inner warrior (Virabhadrasana) sequence.  o Is Yoga the same as physical exercise?  We explore similarities and differences.  o Structuring a class: Threading Koshas into Asanas.  o Chakras, nadis and seed sounds.  o Teaching Practice: Opening Chakras with forward and backward bends.  o Moving energy: Bandhas and Mudras.  o Is Yoga beneficial for mental/emotional well-being?

Weekend 4:  o Structuring a class: Transformative Yoga for chakras and koshas.  o Promoting our circulation through breath and Asana.  o Turning our world upside down: benefits of teaching inversions and modifications.  o Making adjustments: safe practice and principles.  o Transitions and sequencing: mindful movement.  o Conducting a class: environment, safety, protocol.  o Structuring a class: Slow flow (vinyasas).  o Proprioception and balance.  o Teaching Practice: Balances from Stork to Crows.  o Exploring the Paths to Yoga: Bhakti, Karma, Raj, Gyana (Jnana).

Weekend 5:  o Structuring a class: Theme based class.  o Feeding and Releasing from mind, body and soul: Digestion and Elimination.  o Teaching practice: Triangles to stimulate our guts.  o Obstacles to Practice.  o Structuring a class: Pelvic and Shoulder Girdle.  o Teaching Practice: Creating Space in pelvic and shoulder girdles from Eagles (Garudasana) to Cows (Gomukhasana).  o Eating for health from our sister science: Ayurveda and the Doshas.  o Modifications of our amazing mind.  o How many consciousnesses are we?

Weekend 6:  o Structuring a class: Props and Partners.  o Healing and Homeostasis for our Immune and Lymphatic System.  o Our elemental, vibrating world: The 3 Gunas.  o Teaching practice: Supporting the Core and opening the Heart.  o Deeper wisdom from Patanjali.  o Outer gaze, inner gaze: Tratak and Mandalas.  o Structuring a class: Multiple Arcs.  o Building up to and teaching strong postures.  o Vedas and Upanishads: what do they teach us?  o Cleansing techniques: Neti and the Shatkarmas.

Weekend 7:  o Structuring a class: Chair Yoga and other modifications.  o Connecting up, growing up: Integumentary, Endocrine and Reproduction.  o Teaching Practice: Twisting postures.  o Bhagavad Gita: Ancient wisdom, modern application.  o Structuring a class: Restorative, gentle Yoga.  o Yoga teaching as a business: marketing, accounting, waivers.  o How far have we come, what have we learned?  o Final philosophical musings and assessments.


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow, G3 7DS.

Dates:  3rd to 5th May ’19; 31st May to 2nd June ’19; 5th to 7th July ’19; 19th to 21st July ’19; 2nd to 4th August ’19; 6th to 8th September ’19; 27th to 29th September ’19.  Residential dates to follow.

Times:  5.30pm – 8.30pm on fridays, 8.00am – 6.00pm on saturdays and 8.00am – 5.00pm on sundays.

Cost:  £2,400 (£2,000 early bird until 31st December, when £200 deposit secures your place).  Payment plans may be available.

For more information please contact Deyna:-

+447588 428764               E-mail               Website               Facebook               Booking