You are invited to an inspiring journey to discover the richness of your Self.

rozuel-logo-2This eight-week course combines a mindful yoga practice with intuitive self-work to help you unveil hidden potentialities and develop a better understanding of your personality.  The practice of yoga is used as a foundation to access deeper psychological dynamics and integrate these insights into your everyday life.  Yoga, by definition, is both a spiritual and an embodied practice.  When we explore psychological archetypes within the context of a conscious yoga practice, we are able to experience in a unique and transformative manner the many facets of our Self.  There will be separate pre-course taster sessions available on 31st January and 14th February.

Archetypes are universal and dynamic psychological modes of being that help us understand why we do what we do, especially when what we do is supposedly irrational.  They are most commonly represented through typical images and folk tales, but they have great symbolic and psycho-emotional dimensions that enrich our understanding of ourselves when we engage with archetypes mindfully.  Since archetypes are ‘alive’, we can learn to channel their energy consciously, for example through a focused yoga practice.  Doing so, we not only connect with the universal prana (the universal life-force in yoga) but also activate new potentialities associated with each archetypal figure.  Every archetype possesses a bright and a shadow side, so the work does not aim at perfection but at an enrichment of the Self.

Each session consists in an introductory discussion of the archetype (see schedule below), followed by a meditative practice and self-work to explore the significance of the archetypal figure within yourself; the rest of the session is a mindful hatha-style yoga practice designed to manifest consciously the insights and energy activated by the archetype.  The course is accessible to all, including beginners who have only been practicing yoga for a few weeks, and no prior knowledge of psychology is required.  However, the course involves a substantial amount of self-reflection, thus openness to new insights and a willingness to explore new avenues is necessary to make the most of this experience.

The provisional schedule below covers both feminine and masculine archetypes present in each of us.  Archetypal figures are not gender-related, but represent universal patterns of energy that influence our behaviour.

  1. Introduction: Working with the ‘prima materia’ (raw matter of the psyche)
  2. The Mother: Nurturing/Devouring
  3. The Maiden: Playful/Naïve
  4. The Witch: Mystical/Powerful
  5. The Father: Protector/Tyrant
  6. The Hero: Driven/Mindless
  7. The Trickster: Shape-shifter/Messenger
  8. Conclusion: The union of mind-body-soul

The course is designed so that each session builds upon the previous ones, thus bookings are made for the whole series.  Costs are £120 (£15 per session) or £96 (£12 per session) for students/concessions.  The course will run over eight consecutive Tuesdays, 6-8pm, starting on March 7th and finishing on April 25th 2017, with taster sessions available on 31st January and 14th February.  Please note that the course will not be able to run if there are less than five people enrolled, so please book by February 20th to secure a space.

About the teacher: Cecile is a yoga teacher and an experienced lecturer in ethics, psychodynamics and organisational psychology.  She consults with organisations and individuals to enhance workplace well-being, and offers regular workshops on aspects of self-development and holistic self-awareness.  For upcoming events visit:


Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow, G3 7DS.

Dates:  Taster sessions 31st January ’17 and 14th February ’17.  Course Tuesdays March 7th ’17 to April 25th ’17.

Times:  Taster sessions 6.00pm – 7.30pm.  Course sessions 6.00pm – 8.00pm.

Cost:  £8 per taster session.  £120 (£96 students/concessions) for the 8 week course.


For more information please contact Cecile:-

+447580 100748               E-mail               Website               Facebook