Light Pic 2An in-depth Yogic Meditation and Pranayama experiential course for experienced mediators or interested beginners.  Learn a toolbox of yogic breaths to balance the brainwaves and subtle pathways (nadis) & pranas to bring clarity.  Learn to control mental and emotional restlessness using prataharya and meditation on the ajna (brow) chakra.  Clear karmic blocks in the flow and learn to control prana within the seven main chakras & sushumna (psychic spine).

This course deepens each successive week and is taught to small groups  to ensure individual support within the group setting.

Jenny Light is a profound yoga teacher, author and healer with the wisdom & insight to guide her students on the inward path.  This course is a prerequisite for her popular advanced classes, weekend workshops & retreats.



Venue:  In The Moment, 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow, G3 7DS.

Dates:  9th January – 27th February ’18.

Times:  7.00pm – 9.00pm.

Cost:  £135 (concessions available).  £40 deposit to secure a place.


For more information please contact Jenny:-

+447801 751244               E-mail               Website               Facebook               Booking