A risk assessment has been carried out and protocols drawn up in order to create as safe an environment as possible at In The Moment.  If you are coming to In The Moment please take time to read the protocols and adhere to them when hosting or participating in any event.  All protocols will be subject to continuous review and may be updated at any time.  If you are a frequent attender, please review the protocols frequently.

Although these protocols should make In The Moment a safe environment hosts may choose to add their own additional measures depending on the specific activity and participants involved.  Any other measures must be additional to those included here and not substituting for any of the prescribed measures.  If you have any questions or doubts please get in touch.


Protocols For Covid-19 Security At ITM

Host Protocols For Covid-19 Security At ITM

Protocol In The Event Of Developing Covid-19 Symptoms While At ITM

ITM Covid-19 Security Ventilation Protocol

Risk Assessment


Studio Room Maximum Capacities

The following are the absolute maximum capacities for each room and must not be exceeded at any time.

1st Floor Studio: 12 participants + 1 host = 13

2nd Floor Studio: 15 participants + 1 host = 16

Therapies Room: 5 participants + 1 host = 6



In The Moment Centre For Yoga, Movement & Wellbeing is referred to throughout as ITM and includes communal areas within the building (passageways, stairs, toilets etc) as well as the studio rooms.

Session.  Any activity (class, workshop, seminar, course, meeting etc) booked into any of the three studio rooms occupied by ITM at 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow G3 7DS.

Host(s).  The person(s) responsible for running the session.

Participant(s).  Anyone attending any session.

Owner.  The owner/manager of ITM – Graeme Murray.

Social Distance/ing.  A minimum separation of 2 metres (6 feet) between individuals.

Nominated Covid-19 Officer.  Person in charge of ensuring all protocols are followed prior to, during and after individual sessions.