In addition to following the protocols for participants, hosts must also comply with the following points.

Hosts must act as Nominated Covid-19 Officer for their sessions.

Hosts must provide all their participants with a copy of Protocols For Covid-19 Security At CVH, either directly or by providing the relevant link on the ITM website.

Hosts must require all participants to provide them with a health declaration of no Covid-19 symptoms or positive tests in the 14 days prior to entering CVH.

Hosts must decline entry to any participant who does not provide this declaration.

Hosts must ensure safe maximum numbers of participants in any one studio room are not exceeded by using pre-booking, where possible, for all sessions and confirming the numbers at each session.

Hosts must maintain a record of all participants’ names and contact details for every session, and to provide these to the Test & Protect scheme if required.  These records must be destroyed 21 days following the session.

Hosts must manage the activity of their participants in their sessions so that social distancing and hygiene measures are maintained.

Hosts must report any relevant cleaning, hygiene or maintenance issues (including if anyone develops Covid-19 symptoms while in the building) to CVH as soon as reasonably possible.

Hosts must ensure the CVH Covid-19 Security Ventilation Protocol is followed.