Before arrival at any session you must provide your host with your name and contact details.  These records must be destroyed 21 days following the session, but may in the interim be passed to the Test & Protect scheme if required.

Arrive in the minimum necessary amount of time before and to leave immediately following your session.

Stay 1 metre (3 feet) away from other people at all times throughout the building.

Make no physical contact with any other person.  For yoga that means no physical adjustments, no acro yoga or partner yoga.

Do not congregate or queue at the entrance to the building or anywhere within the building.

Use the hand sanitiser provided.

Wear a face covering (unless you are exempt) on entry to and while moving anywhere within the building except when it may be necessary to remove it for the purpose of participating in the session.

Replace your face covering if you move away from your place, eg to leave the room to go to the toilet.

If you are exempt from wearing face coverings you are nonetheless encouraged to wear one, if possible, while entering and moving through the building and arriving at your place, at which point you can remove it.

Bring the minimum of belongings and equipment into the building.  This includes not bringing or consuming any food.

Do not share any equipment during sessions.

Observe all precautions (social distancing, hand sanitisation, hand washing, face coverings, sneezing/coughing into disposable tissues or the crook of the elbow etc) while in the building.

Use online or contactless payments wherever possible to avoid handling cash.

For mat-based activity, such as yoga, you may remove your face covering if necessary for the practice, but only while on your mat.

If you develop Covid-19 symptoms while at CVH follow the Protocol In The Event Of Developing Covid-19 Symptoms While At CVH.

Your host will be obliged to follow the CVH Covid-19 Security Ventilation Protocol.  This means the hall may be cooler than usual, therefore you are advised to wear extra layers of clothing than usual.

Spread out to use the maximum space and separation available.

In the toilets use the hand wash and disposable towels provided and dispose of the towels in the bins.

Face in the same direction as the other participants to avoid facing each other.

Your host may face you but with 1 metre (3 feet) distancing.