This information will evolve so please check back for changes when providing material for subsequent bookings.

Whether you are booking a regular weekly class, a course taking place over several weeks or months, a one-off workshop, or time for therapies or 1:1 work with clients, your event can be promoted through In The Moment’s website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and newsletters, and you can also have posters and flyers displayed in the studios.

However this is no substitute for doing your own promotion.  There are many other channels through which you should promote your work – from online to social media to paid advertising to good, old-fashioned posters and flyers distributed around suitable locations – and the best way to ensure success for your work is promote, promote, promote!  What I can add to your promotion is just that … additional … it does not substitute for getting your own information out through your own channels.

Perhaps it’s unfortunate, but the reality these days is that if you don’t promote your work effectively and consistently you are unlikely to be successful.  The more you promote your work, and the more accomplished your promotion is, the more successful your events will be.  “Message-Market-Media.”  Get the right message in front of the right market using the right media – each part of this needs to be properly and effectively executed.  Don’t be shy, if you have something to offer, be confident and tell people all about it – they’re not going to know otherwise.  Whatever your qualifications and experience are, tell people and let them shine.  I know it can be little uncomfortable to ‘big yourself up’ but get over your reticence and do it anyway!  🙂

Let me have all the information as soon as possible on making a booking – it’s never too early to start getting information out there and if you give me it last minute or when I am in a very busy spell I may not have time to deal with it.  I’ve also noticed sometimes people don’t bother giving me their information until a short while before the event when they’re panicking a bit over low numbers – it’s usually too late to help much by then!

This promotion is offered free-of-charge and will only be possible if you provide me with the required information in the required formats.  It’s a lot of work to do this on your behalf and I’m afraid things like “You’ll find all the information on my website.” or “Here’s a copy of my flyer.” or “This is the Facebook link.” are not going to work, I don’t have time to dig out and assemble all the necessary information from these sorts of sources.  So at the bottom of this page are checklists for what you need to give me so I can efficiently provide this promotion on your behalf.  What I’m asking for is probably not completely comprehensive so if there’s more information you want to offer, feel free to include it.

NB.  A good appropriate photo or image is vital to catch the eye and get the attention of your audience, especially on Instagram, and it will enhance the value of your poster/flyer/post many times over.  In fact I’d go so far as to say it’s almost not worth bothering without a really good image.  All photos, graphics, logos or images supplied must be JPG, PNG, GIF or TIFF files, smaller than 4 MB.

It’s really easy, just use the checklist and put all your information into a Word document (or put it all in the body of an e-mail) and attach it and your images to an e-mail.  🙂

When you’re making up your own posters and flyers to display at In The Moment, please make posters for one-off/discreet events (workshops, courses etc) no bigger than A4 “portrait”.  Posters for continuing weekly classes should be no bigger than A5 “portrait or landscape”.  Flyers for any event should be no bigger than A5 “portrait or landscape”.  ~  All this is simply due to the limited space available on noticeboards and for flyer display.  If your flyers are in full colour with blocks of colour, coloured backgrounds photographs and/or if they’re double-sided or folded then you’ll have to print them yourself.  If they’re more simple and single-sided with just text and line drawings I may be able to print some for you.  Check with me if you’re unsure.

There is space in the studios for 3 posters (A4 (max) for one-off/discreet events) or 4 posters (A5 (max) for continuing weekly classes), and also a supply of flyers.

Due to environmental concerns (and in any case, there is limited space for flyers) you may want to consider not producing flyers but instead including a QR code (or more than one) on your poster which will take anyone scanning it (them) with their phone straight to your website or booking page or wherever you choose the code(s) to link to.  It’s very simple and easy to do – ask me if you’re not sure.

If you’re repeating an event, don’t just make posters/flyers for the second event the same as for the first with the dates/times changed.  People won’t notice the change.  Freshen up the appearance with new images, new layout, colours, fonts, title, strapline etc, even if the rest of the information is the same.  People’s attention span is not great and they’ll probably gloss over it (“saw that before”), so if you want to be noticed, be fresh each time.

Finally!  Make sure you ‘like’ In The Moment’s Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram, then ‘like’ and ‘share’ and ‘re-tweet’ etc those posts for maximum exposure.  If you want me to “Boost” a Facebook post for your event then just let me know and send me the cash you want to spend on it along with the boosting parameters you want followed and I’ll do that too.  If you’re creating a ‘Facebook Event’, put in a co-hosting request for In The Moment to co-host it and you’ll then also get featured on In The Moment’s page as an ‘Event’.



Each of you working regularly at In The Moment should have your own page with information for your prospective clients.  If it’s a one-off or rare booking it’s probably not worth setting up a page (in which case you can put some personal information in the workshop/course page).  For these pages I need:-

  • A photo of yourself
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Facebook link
  • Your Instagram address
  • Your web address
  • Let me know if your classes will be ‘drop-in’ or if you require people to book with you first
  • A biographical description of who you are, what your qualifications, background and experience are and general information on what your approach is to what you’re offering.  (Have a look at other Teachers/Therapists pages if you want hints and inspiration.)

All (apart from photos/images/logos/graphics) in a Word document attached to an e-mail (or in the body of the e-mail), please.


If you’ve booked to give a regular weekly class or offer therapies, coaching etc then there may already be a page with a general description of the discipline or modality you are offering – eg hatha yoga or tai chi or shiatsu or massage.  If not, then you should give me an appropriate description.  These pages are intended to be general to the broad discipline or modality, not necessarily specific to your own approach (that angle can be covered in your personal Teacher/Therapist page), so that someone who’s not sure what a hatha yoga or tai chi class or a shiatsu treatment might consist of will be able to get a general idea.  If you want to suggest an edit to an existing page that’s fine, I’ll consider any suggestions.  If you’re setting up a new class or initially offering a new therapy, I will give it some initial mentions on social media and in newsletters (if the timing is right), but it will not be continuously promoted subsequently, once established.  However if you are making any changes later, or need to signal any new information about the classes/therapies, let me know and I’ll do what I can.

All (apart from photos/images/logos/graphics) in a Word document attached to an e-mail (or in the body of the e-mail), please.


  • Title
  • Strapline
  • Description of the workshop including an outline of the structure and content of the event, who it is aimed at, what benefits people might expect, any experience needed, any CPD hours awarded, anything people would need to bring with them. This is your main chance to sell the event so don’t be shy!
  • Photos/images/logos/graphics – “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so provide a range of appropriate, eye-catching images
  • Date(s)
  • Timings (start and finish times of the event, not including your set-up/clear-up time)
  • Cost – including any earlybird or concession details, discount for multiple bookings etc
  • Your phone number
  • Booking link (if any – otherwise your e-mail address will be the booking link)
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your Facebook link
  • Your Instagram address
  • Your web address

All (apart from photos/images/logos/graphics) in a Word document attached to an e-mail (or in the body of the e-mail), please.


As for Workshops, above, but include any previous experience/qualifications needed, curriculum details and details of any certificates or CPD hours to be awarded on completion.

All (apart from photos/images/logos/graphics) in a Word document attached to an e-mail (or in the body of the e-mail), please.