Midwinter Blessings

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Blessings of the Solstice, the shortest day. Take time to embrace some stillness today.

The Moment of Magic

Now is the moment of magic,

When the whole, round earth turns again toward the sun,

      And here’s a blessing:
the days will be longer and brighter now,
even before the winter settles in to chill us.

Now is the moment of magic,
when people beaten down and broken,
with nothing left but misery and candles and their own clear voices,
kindle tiny lights and whisper secret music,

      And here’s a blessing:
the dark universe is suddenly illuminated by the lights of the menorah,
suddenly ablaze with the lights of the kinara,
and the whole world is glad and loud with winter singing.

Now is the moment of magic,
when an eastern star beckons the ignorant toward an unknown goal,

      And here’s a blessing:
they find nothing in the end but an ordinary baby,
born at midnight, born in poverty, and the baby’s cry, like bells ringing,
makes people wonder as they wander through their lives,
what human love might really look like,
sound like,
feel like.

Now is the moment of magic,

      And here’s a blessing:
we already possess all the gifts we need;
we’ve already received our presents:
ears to hear music,
eyes to behold lights,
hands to build true peace on earth
and to hold each other tight in love.

 By Rev. Victoria Safford

Midwinter Stillness 15th January – join us

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Midwinter Stillness – Yoga Workshop – 15 December

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Join me for a day of stillness amidst the festive buzz. Explore asana, meditation, chants, gentle ritual and yoga nidra to allow you to honour and connect with the energy of Midwinter.

 At the winter solstice, the sun has its lowest arc in the sky creating the longest night and shortest day of the year. Our ancestors believed the mystic wheel of Time stopped turning briefly at this crucial point as one cycle ended and a new cycle of the Sun began.Let us take a moment to stop , to look backwards in inner reflection and to look forward to a new sun’s returning power. 

I do hope you can make it.

The cost is £35 (£30 for previous Celtic yoga attendees and concessions) Energetic exchanges considered. Booking Essential.

Contact me – mahashaktiyoga@gmail.com to book your space.