New – Mantra, Meditation & Yoga Nidra

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I have news of a couple of changes to my yoga classes at In the Moment, starting in April (which is almost upon us)

The Tuesday evening  classes remain as constant as ever and continue at 6:15 pm every Tuesday evening until I drop, so panic not 🙂

So what IS changing?

As of the beginning of April I will no longer be teaching a weekly Yin Yoga class on Wednesday evenings.Awwwww 🙁 – I know!!!!! But it seems my passion for the practice doesn’t seem to be widely shared, so time to try something else.

I am going to be offering a  MONTHLY, two hour, workshop style class kicking off a whole range of offerings called “My Healing Space” . This class will feature Yin & Yang yoga sequences, plus mantra, meditation and the ever popular Yoga Nidra. Each workshop will have a seasonal focus.

This class will be on the FIRST Wednesday of every month, and if it proves popular then I will take it up to fortnightly, but in the meantime classes will be on the following dates

Wednesdays 3rd April
1st May
5th June

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm at In The Moment

The cost for this two hour class will be £10. Those using their six class ticket will pay an additional £3 for the class.

So, just what is involved?

Yin & Yang Yoga – Mindful asana practice. Working with the deeper connective tissues and energy channels.

Mantra – Using sound, chant and specific words and phrases to explore the power of vibration and intention

Meditation – Seated mindfulness practices, breathing, visualisation,

Yoga Nidra – A deep guided relaxation technique, often translated as “Yogic Sleep”. Longer than the usual relaxation in class, usually 20 -30 minutes. We also work with “Sankalpa”  – a resolve or affirmation. Deeply healing.

Win Free Stuff – take my survey

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I will send you a FREE audio relaxation session by me if you fill out my survey on yoga classes in Glasgow. If you complete the survey you will also  be entered into a prize draw to win FREE yoga classes with me at In The Moment.

It’ll only take you a few minutes and it’ll help me hugely!

Thank you in advance xxx Jude


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New!- Just One Day – personalised day retreat

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I invite you to take just one day to make a lasting change…

Just One Day – is a personalised retreat just for you

How it works

You take one day’s holiday from work – or you devote one day to the retreat

I will accompany you for the whole day (9-5 or equivalent)  at home, at In the Moment, in rural Cowal where I live, or somewhere in the great outdoors, and provide you with the coaching, teaching, emotional and practical support that you need to begin to make changes.

Activities can include : Walking, meditation, yoga, conversation, lifestyle coaching, massage, visualisation, journeying, reiki, energy balancing, creativity, journalling,  nurturing plant-based food, supportive company, hugs and just general emotional cheerleading.

Who it’s for

Absolutely anybody who feels the need to be supported (without judgment)  to make a change. If any you can relate to any of these statements then Just One Day might be what you need!

  • I’ve been working too hard
  • I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • I’ve been unwell/suffered a trauma and it has made me question my priorities
  • I know I need to make a change but I don’t know how
  • I am already experiencing some kind of transition
  • I need someone to be “on my side”
  • I know I need time off but I worry what will happen if I “stop”
  • I don’t know what to do next
  • Aaaaaaargh!


Because I want to make it as accessible as possible – Just One Day with all of this support is only £140, including lunch. I am also open to barter economy and energetic exchanges if you cannot afford the full amount… just have an honest chat with me. 07721 468039 or


As with all of the support and therapies that I offer, Just One Day is not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. I am skilled at supporting people, but I always make it clear that I am not a psychotherapist, so if you have a serious emotional or psychological issue, then  my advice will always be to speak to your doctor or a qualified psychotherapist.  If we make this discovery during our day together, then this will be my recommendation, and I can refer you to another professional if required.

Left side, right side…

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I had a wonderful day on Sunday teaching my seasonal Celtic Yoga Journey Workshop.

As always when I teach these days, there  was considerable food for thought . I  came away with questions for my inquiring mind to investigate. Any excuse for a good old Google! Why does frozen shoulder affect women over 50?  Does massaging the calf release the neck? Can ticks  cause meningitis?

 AND Why do we roll onto the right side when coming out of relaxation?

My knowledgeable and erudite answer?

“Erm- I dunno!”

There were some other yoga teachers there and they said that they had been taught that lying on the right side relieves pressure on the heart.  I am pretty sure I wasn’t taught this. I was still on the journey home when I started to investigate.  I am ever conscious of finding the “truth” in yoga  and  this is fuelled by a lifetime’s annoyance at “made -up -science”- there’s a lot of it about and Yoga is not immune. Those of you who know my teaching will know that one of my pet peeves is the still perpetuated – and in my opinion misogynistic- “advice”  about avoiding inversions during menstuation. Think about it!

So, having some valuable Google time on the ferry -I came up with a few answers.

Firstly – does it avoid pressure on the heart? Some yoga teachers have traditionally been taught that it makes “space” for the heart. Hmmm. Isn’t the heart inside  the ribcage to protect it from any external pressure? Even if it did have a minor effect, the length of time that we spend on the side coming out of Savasana would have little effect. Any real massaging effect of yoga on the heart comes from increasing cardiovascular activity – e.g. in inversions.

The cardiologists’ consensus to this is that it makes little, if any difference to healthy people. There is some suggestion that there may be some effect on the sympathetic nervous system which may make it more comfortable for people with heart failure to sleep on their right side ( helping to lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate) so some people who have had a heart attack have been advised (by some doctors, not all)  to try and sleep on their right side. Bear in mind, this is to do with sleeping. However,this advice has , somewhere along the line,  mutated  into “Sleeping on your left side is bad for you” . It should be pointed out that there is NO CLINICAL EVIDENCE of this effect on healthy people.  Symptoms of Gatric Reflux disease may also cause cardiovascular symptoms and, interestingly – there is some evidence  that lying on the LEFT side actually relieves GERD symptoms, so…you choose!

Then there is the possible effect on breathing. What I teach is that sleeping on either side can favour one nostril or the other in terms of breathing.  I am not sure if the length of time we spend on the side coming out of relaxation would make much difference. But in terms of sleeping on either side, this effect is to do with sinus pressure. In Yoga, of course, the belief is that this has an energetic response with ida/pingala nadis. Right side = active. Left = passive. So lying on the right side was perhaps considered a good way to re-activate after a relaxation in order to re-enter the real world.

And then the real world response from ever practical Yogi Graeme. It avoids chaos in the yoga room. If everyone turns in the same direction then there is no clashing of bodies! 

In terms of my own teaching, maybe I will no longer suggest rolling onto the right side. I will ask people to choose the side that feels appropriate. Or maybe it doesn’t actually matter! If someone was in heart failure and there was any likelihood of them expiring from lying on one side or the other, then I might want to question them being in the yogaroom in the first place!

 I think my point is that I have reached a stage in my teaching where it is not enough for me to continue to teach something that is more about what we are taught to say, rather than  about my own practice.

Amazing Summer Massage Offer!

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For the month of July only, Jude is offering massages (Swedish, Deep Tissue or Aroma)  on Wednesdays at In the Moment for only £25!

Appointments are available from 12:30 til 6:30 pm each Wednesday until the end of the month. What are you waiting for?

Contact Jude to arrange an appointment

07721 468039