Valentine’s Day Special Offer

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Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re sharing the Love with a


Jude’s “Just One Day” personal retreat  is only £70 if booked and paid for between now and 14 March 2013

Retreat should be taken before June 2013

Click here for details

New!- Just One Day – personalised day retreat

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I invite you to take just one day to make a lasting change…

Just One Day – is a personalised retreat just for you

How it works

You take one day’s holiday from work – or you devote one day to the retreat

I will accompany you for the whole day (9-5 or equivalent)  at home, at In the Moment, in rural Cowal where I live, or somewhere in the great outdoors, and provide you with the coaching, teaching, emotional and practical support that you need to begin to make changes.

Activities can include : Walking, meditation, yoga, conversation, lifestyle coaching, massage, visualisation, journeying, reiki, energy balancing, creativity, journalling,  nurturing plant-based food, supportive company, hugs and just general emotional cheerleading.

Who it’s for

Absolutely anybody who feels the need to be supported (without judgment)  to make a change. If any you can relate to any of these statements then Just One Day might be what you need!

  • I’ve been working too hard
  • I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • I’ve been unwell/suffered a trauma and it has made me question my priorities
  • I know I need to make a change but I don’t know how
  • I am already experiencing some kind of transition
  • I need someone to be “on my side”
  • I know I need time off but I worry what will happen if I “stop”
  • I don’t know what to do next
  • Aaaaaaargh!


Because I want to make it as accessible as possible – Just One Day with all of this support is only £140, including lunch. I am also open to barter economy and energetic exchanges if you cannot afford the full amount… just have an honest chat with me. 07721 468039 or


As with all of the support and therapies that I offer, Just One Day is not a replacement for medical or psychological treatment. I am skilled at supporting people, but I always make it clear that I am not a psychotherapist, so if you have a serious emotional or psychological issue, then  my advice will always be to speak to your doctor or a qualified psychotherapist.  If we make this discovery during our day together, then this will be my recommendation, and I can refer you to another professional if required.

Healing Space Residential

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I am delighted to now be offering the “Healing Space – Adapting Yoga for People Living with Cancer” course as a residential.

The course will be held over five days (four nights) This will be followed up with a non-residential final assessment weekend three months later. Further written work will be required for completion of the course.

Wednesday 10 – Sunday 14 October 2012

 Hosted by Chillout Yoga at West of The Moon Retreat  in The Trossachs

Follow up assessment weekend (non residential)  – Sat 26th & Sun 27th January 2013 at In the Moment, Glasgow

Cost– The full cost for the residential course is £690 This includes all teaching and materials, meals and accommodation, tea and refreshments . Not included are the costs of books and travel. The follow-up weekend in Glasgow will cost an additional £95.


Certification is open to suitably qualified Yoga teachers and is dependent on completion of the residential and the follow-up weekend, plus the additional course work.