Dreaming & Planning

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I often blog at this time of year on the theme of – well – New Year and the expectations that the turn of the year brings. Last Year’s blog was all about A Different Resolution, and our tendency to brand our year as “good” or “bad”.

The pressures, the plans, the resolutions: all often broken quickly and guiltily within a few days of pinning the new calendar to the wall. I have heard that gyms cash in on the flurry of New Year get fit/lose weight resolutions, overselling memberships in the sure knowledge that the biggest majority of people who sign up will quickly lose enthusiasm or motivation before January is out.

For me, January is the time to Dream and Plan.

The darkest (and supposedly most depressing) month of the year is possibly not the best time for doing new things. It does not lend itself easily to the energy required to make lasting changes (although of course it’s not impossible!)  I like December and January to be my Dreaming and Planning time. and then as we approach the end of the month and the season of Imbolc, and the energy makes a gentle shift, then things can start to move into action.

This year, I have been making this a more formal exercise, using  The 2014 Create Your Amazing Year Workbook. And although it is very unlike me to promote products, this little book has made an enormous difference to how I feel able to manifest my dreams.

Because of how powerful this has been for me, I also made the decision to offer a workshop – My Perfect Year 2014 –  on the theme of Dreaming and Planning to coincide with the season of Imbolc.  I invite you to join me to share in some of the magic.

Spring Words

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Guest blog by Lorna Penney

Hello, I do hope that all is well with you on this bright and beautiful spring morning.

I walked in Pollok park yesterday and it was gorgeous to see snowdrops, crocus, a buzzard and hear a woodpecker drumming. I am really feeling the movement out of my own deep, dark Wintry, Watery depths as the rising energy of Spring, of Wood, becomes available in and around me.

This linking of Winter to Water and Spring to Wood comes from the correspondances provided by the Five Element System of Dynamics, which is used by a whole range of practitioners  Acupuncturists,  Herbalists, Yoga Teachers, Massage therapists, Psycotherapists and so on, it provides a nuanced, detailed description of the relationships between our internal nature and the external nature outside of us. It is a beautiful system, that although rooted in the work of the ancient healers of China, is extremely contemporary in the way it supports a ‘fractal’ or ‘holographic’ view of the universe as does current quantum physics research, making it extremely practical and useful as a way to meet the challenges and demands of out busy day to day lives as modern people.

I make use of this system in a range of ways both within my personal practice and in my professional offerings and am continually inspired, ignited and supported by the breadth and depth of its potential applications.

I am currently preparing for offering my extended Spring Workshop and I thought you might enjoy hearing about some of the ‘correspondances’ that are going to be explored in that space, so that you can connect to your own Spring Awakening more fully. I often feel the strength of the seasonal transition from Water / Winter, to Wood / Spring more dynamically / dramatically, than any of the other seasonal transition points of the year. I notice how this is echoed in the vibrancy of the nature around me too; the fierce singing of the birds’ dawn welcoming as they catch the breath of Spring, is so different from the way the greet Winter’s dawns; the sudden sight of delicate snowdrops and crocus thrusting up and out of their secure Winter space to become visible in the crisp bright frosty, possibly snowy, above ground world, always feels such a powerful invitation for me to likewise come in to visibility with the seeds I have held in my depths over the dark quiet days of Winter, with my delicate vulnerability in place.

The season of Spring and the energy of Wood is about putting plans in to action, definition, turning our attention outwards from the depth of Winter’s descent…..when our Wood energy is in balance we are able to stand in the breadth and depth of our own unique vision of life, we hold our benevolence close and are able to initiate our actions with confidence and precision; we have the momentum to see things through to completion. When our Wood is out of balance we can be frustrated in ourself and at the same time frustrating to others, as we can struggle to settle in to any decision, meaning that moving forward coherently and creatively becomes impossible, because we are not able to trust the vulnerability that is the characteristic of this kind of change. By tending our Wood energy with kindness, specificity, commitment and visibility in word and deed, we are able to find the nourishment that enables our roots to hold firm as we grow confidently towards our own uniqueness.

May your transition in to Spring be invigorating, bright and may all you are putting in to place vigorously flourish.

 Lorna Penney (Breath, Body, Voice Teacher-Practitoner) lorna@dynamicalignment.co.uk

I offer Extended Seasonal Workshops at ‘In the Moment’ throughout the year. Dates for 2013’s offerings are –

Spring / Wood 17th, 18th, 19th March

Summer / Inner-Fire 16th, 17th, 18th, June

Summer / Outer-Fire 20th, 21st, 22nd June

Harvest / Earth 1st, 2nd, 3rd September

Autumn / Metal 3rd, 4th, 5th November.