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Morag Wylie

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Morag Wylie is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator, Laughter Yoga Teacher and Sound Healer.

She began her journey with complementary therapies after being diagnosed with ME/CFS in the 1990s.  After 15 years of being severely affected, she had a breakthrough in 2005 when she came across Transformational Breath® through a process of synchronicity and was amazed by its power to stimulate the body’s natural healing powers.  Her health and energy levels gradually returned, her multiple allergies disappeared and her stress levels stabilised.  She then went on to train as a facilitator in the Netherlands in 2008 and as a workshop leader in Turkey in 2010.

Since 2008, Morag has worked with hundreds of clients through 1 to 1 sessions, workshops, breath groups and training events in the UK and throughout Europe.  She loves how the breath meets you wherever you are in life whether it’s a desire for more energy, the need for letting go of old traumas and emotions which keep you stuck in the past or a greater spiritual connection depending on your personal beliefs.

Feedback from a participant at a recent breath intensive weekend held at In the Moment:

“Morag is warm, welcoming and I felt at ease with her from my first group breathe. She offers great sensitivity while facilitating and embodies the safe space necessary for deep healing work. Her faith in Transformational Breath® seems clear and strong, inspiring others through her own personal journey of healing through Breathwork.  Her lightness of presence and sense of fun makes her contribution appear effortless and joyful at the same time as she provides depth of knowledge and experience, inspiring trust in her as a practitioner.” ~ AF

She offers Transformational Breath® introductions at In the Moment as well as organising the Transformational Breath Foundation’s Personal Development Programme – Transform Your Life – which consists of 3 intensive breath weekends.

Morag also runs regular laughter yoga classes and sound journeys throughout Central Scotland as well as 1 to 1 breath sessions from her home in Falkirk.  Her passion is helping people live happier and healthier lives.