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Amanda Reid

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Amanda has always had a passion for health and well-being, and in 2002 she qualified as a Fitness Coach.  She travelled to India in 2007 to study Ayurveda, and stayed for 3 years learning and practising Ayurveda in its’ authentic form under traditional Indian Doctors (Vaidya’s) in the Himalayas and Kerala.  Ayurveda is intrinsically interconnected to Yoga, and together they form the two healing disciplines of India.

Amanda travelled extensively in India experiencing the rich yoga culture and seeking out renowned teachers.  Initially she studied yoga alignment and sequence structure with Bharat Shetty in Mysore, and was certified by him as a Hatha Yoga Instructor in 2009.  She wanted to bring more dynamic movement and flow into her practice, and completed Ashtanga yoga teacher training with Ajay Kumar in Mysore in 2012.  When she discovered Vinay Kumar in 2014, she found a new way into her yoga practise.  Vinay’s methodical approach to gently opening up the spine, combined with his dynamic, flowing Prana Vashya yoga asana series and pranayama programmes, reignited her passion for yoga.  She did a four month intensive programme with Vinay in Mysore in 2014, and a three month intensive in 2015.
Amanda sequences yoga postures for anatomical focus or to balance the elemental energies and chakras in the body.  Her classes incorporate flowing yoga sequences, longer held poses, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation.