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Amy Sinclair

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Amy Sinclair has been teaching and instructing classes full time for the last 11 years, she has a lot of experience teaching big busy classes and more recently workshops and one to ones have been added to her schedule.

Fascinated by the invisible energy we all hold, Amy’s classes are full of chakra release methods cunningly disguised as Yoga poses and Flows.  The yoga style most often taught in her class is a Vinyasa Flow with Elements of Seasonal and Kundalini.  Change is the only constant!  Every class is a different Yoga Flow to challenge our thought process as much as our bodies, lots of helpful teaching tips to get our minds and bodies tuned into the best frequency, and making it possible for all levels of fitness and knowledge of yoga to be linked at the same time.

It really isn’t the final pose in Yoga that is important, it is the journey, by gently allowing yourself to try various poses and flows you are allowing yourself to free up stuck energy and build new vibrant energy instead.  I’ve learned EVERYTHING is energy & if we can learn how to control our energy, we become our happiest best healthiest version.  After years of training with other like-minded experts, I’ve learned to share my experience through a combination of service and education.  I’m a passionate Yogini with an alternative approach, and I’m dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional, and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

I enjoy watching the surprised looks as participants realise their potential.  Looking forward to meeting you at an online class.


Amy’s Classes

Tuesday 10.45 am Dance Fit (45min)

Dance Fit for that cardio boost and to put a big smile on your face is a cardio frenzy with flavours of reggaeton, bachata, merengue, aerobics, salsa & more.

Tuesday 11.30 am Yoga (1 hour)

Yoga is not just a fitness but a complete science.  It unites your physical and energetic bodies designed to enhance your whole wellbeing.  My Yoga style is Vinyasa Flow with Seasonal, Nirodha & Kundalini elements.  Challenging enough for all levels but made simple with lots of alternatives.

Wednesday 7.00 pm Yoga (1 hour)

Thursday 11.00 am Meditation (30mins)

I now offer a separate meditation class for those interested in more internal work with a different focus each week.  I have many beautiful meditations I want to share with you such as the “Self Enquiry method” which tunes you into your true essence.

Thursday 11.30 am Yoga (1 hour)

Friday 11.00 am Core Blast (30 mins)

Core Blast is a half-hour long class designed to super tone and sculpt, leaving you feeling strong!  It is a mixture of Fitness, Pilates, Barre & Callanetics, designed to super-tone and make you feel strong and capable.

Friday 11.30 am Yoga (1 hour)