Angela Lord

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Angela is a certified teacher of 5 Rhythms, having completed her training with Gabrielle Roth in 2011.  She has been dancing the Rhythms since 1999.  Her background is in education and in creative coaching: she is an Associate Member of the Association for Coaching.  She has previously trained in counselling skills and in spiritual healing, and her work is supported by her practice of the Gyrotonic Expansion System and of Authentic Movement.

“For me, finding the Rhythms was like finding a door into a different world.  The podgy seven year old who had been put out of ballet class because she couldn’t do the splits had at last found a space where she was allowed – encouraged, even! – to dance, and a dance form which was not just for the young, the fit and the slender.  My two left feet were given the freedom to dance however they willed, and they have danced me through many blocks and barriers, into a sense of freedom and possibility in the whole of my life, and not surprisingly I find my fellow dancers an exciting community of courageous, creative and inspiring individuals.  To be able to dance my own dance, in the company of others dancing theirs, is one of the best ways I know to spend time.  Ultimately, it just feels fantastic!

“Amongst the other joys that sustain my life, I count solitude, the love of family and friends, music, poetry, the landscapes of Kilmartin, Crinan and Knapdale, and the wooded banks of the River Kelvin.”

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