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Anna Mavromatidi

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Anna is a Russian-born, classically trained pianist and piano tutor, as well as Yoga and Mindfulness sharer.  After graduating from the Saratov State Conservatoire, Anna continued her musical studies at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire (formerly the RSAMD) in Glasgow where she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Chamber Music.

Anna first came across Yoga Asana practice when she was 12 years old.  Her deeper connection with Yoga began to develop in 2002, when she started to attend a regular Iyengar Yoga class in Glasgow under teacher, Bonar Hutchison.  Since then Anna has been exploring different styles and aspects of Yoga practice, including Dhyana Yoga (meditation) and Pranayama Yoga (breath control) under the tutelage of various yoga teachers.  She came to appreciate the richness of yogic teachings and yogic way of living.

Anna has undertaken: a one year course in Yogic Studies with Mark Russell, a one year Beyond Asana Course with Johnny Glover, a number of weekend courses on meditation with Johnny Glover, as well as workshops with Pete Blackaby, Mark J Aquaviva, AG and Indra Mohan, Nitya Mohan and also 4 Day Course “Finding your Inner Voice” at the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales.  In 2016, Anna completed her training as a Children and Families Yoga Teacher under Rainbow Kids Yoga, London.  Shortly thereafter, she established her own program for children MAYA Kids (Music, Art, Yoga, Awareness), which she has been successfully running for 4 years.  In 2017 Anna commenced her training in Mindfulness with Mindfulness Association Scotland and completed her Level 1 Teacher Training in Mindfulness in 2018.

Since establishing her regular Yoga and Mindfulness practice, Anna couldn’t help but notice its effect on her work as a piano tutor and a performer.  A natural desire to introduce many other musicians to these practices and their positive benefits led to a series of Yoga and Mindfulness for Musicians 1 Day workshops that Anna co-delivered with her principal meditation teacher, Johnny Glover.  Anna has since developed this into a three-day “Creating Space” – Yoga and Mindfulness for Musicians Course – now in its second year.

In 2018 and 2019, Anna was invited to teach Yoga and Mindfulness at the Caritas Strings Summer School at George Watson’s College in Edinburgh.  In autumn 2019, Anna delivered a 3-hour introduction to Mindfulness Workshop for Glasgow City Council Instrumental Teachers.

Anna’s keen interest in developing greater levels of awareness of Body, Mind and Spirit through both Yogic and Mindfulness practices together with a strong belief in the immense benefits of incorporating such awareness into her daily life has resulted in the establishment of her Yogamind class, which embraces a combination of slow movement, breathing and meditative practices designed to develop and nourish a lasting state of inner calm and stability.