Barbara Sellars

+447541 301930

Barbara is a certified teacher of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms® Dance.  She has been dancing the Rhythms since 1994 and completed the teacher training with Gabrielle in 2000.

“I have been dancing one way or another since childhood with an ongoing passion for the sense of aliveness and creative possibility I feel when my body is moving in tune with rhythm and melody.  Not surprisingly then, when I first came across 5 Rhythms, it was love at first dance!  Finding myself in a hall with a wealth of exquisite music and the space to move as passionately and creatively as I wished was nothing short of bliss.  Ongoing practice for many years since then has served to deepen my respect for this profound work.  I have come  to love its essential simplicity that is, nevertheless, a vessel for infinite possibility of discovery, expression and release.  I remember one of the very first 5 Rhythms workshops I attended being described as ‘the dance of life’ and, for me, that is still a succinct summary of this work.

“I am also a certified facilitator of Expressive Arts Therapy groups based on the person-centred ‘Creative Connection’ model of Natalie Rodgers.  I have been engaged with this mixed media approach to personal growth and the awakening of creativity since 1999 and I love to combine this with 5 Rhythms in some of the workshops I offer.

“Outside my role as a teacher, I am a photographer, poet and writer, pursuits which keep me connected to a love of landscape, flowers and the beauty of the natural world – great sources of ongoing inspiration and teachings for me, some of which, I hope, find their way back into the workshop space.”