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Brent Shaub

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A car accident fractured my pelvis, five ribs and neck in 1998.  Struggling to find comfort, the past twenty years have been focused on health, starting with Himalayan Hatha Yoga, self-massage, mindfulness meditation and lasting peace thanks to Feldenkrais.

“It’s quite powerful and very subtle at the same time. I’m noticing how I move.  It feels like I’m inhabiting my body more. I feel like dancing!”Amber Alley Trainer at Heart Living Arts

“Awareness Through Movement® with Brent was so ace!  Feldenkrais is often just what the doctor ordered: calm, clear, efficient movement and deep listening.  Brent’s passion and broad knowledge comes through in class.”Raven Grace Dance Acro Yoga Movement

“I’ve received Feldenkrais lessons from some of the most talented people in the world, and am intrigued by what Brent does. I would like to learn more.” ~ Andrew Gaines Trained by Moshe Feldenkrais

Regarding payment, I respect the financial difficulty that many people are contending with at present, therefore this class has enacted a Pay-What-You-Can policy.  Invest what you can afford, but don’t let money prevent you from taking full advantage of this opportunity.  For those of you who are in a position to, I will accept donations up to $15/£12 per class, regardless if one class or many or all.  Our current circumstances are an opportunity to sustain a focus on self-development during an on-going opportunity to stay at home. Happy to meet you there.