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Caroline Smart

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My name is Caroline Smart and I am a yoga teacher in Glasgow.  I have been practising yoga for too many years to remember.  I first came across it in my teens through Richard Hittleman and his weekly TV series.  I also followed his 28-day programme.  I was hooked.  It was the late 70s and I was growing up in Lancaster, a town with a vibrant young university.

When I went to London to study, I came across a beautiful yoga teacher wearing white and cream clothing and topped with a fabulous turban.  She taught Kundalini yoga and I learnt about the spine, the chakras (the energy centres which lie along the spine from the base to the top of the head) and the energy (symbolised by a coiled serpent slumbering at the base of the spine waiting to be woken up).

Later I was lucky enough to come across a lunchtime class taught by Billy Doyle.  He became my teacher and friend along with his Spanish partner, Isabel Rugama.  Billy teaches in the Kashmir tradition and runs weekend courses and yoga holidays.  If you find yourself in London, do try one of his classes.  It is all on his website.

In 1991 I moved to Glasgow and decided to qualify as a yoga teacher with Yoga Scotland.  It should have taken me 2 years but getting pregnant was my first excuse.  My second was getting pregnant again.  Two daughters and a few years later than anticipated, I completed my qualification.  For anyone in Scotland interested in yoga, do check out the Yoga Scotland website.  It lists teachers near you and different courses.  Each teacher has their own unique way of teaching and it is always worth trying out a few classes to see which approach suits you at your particular time of life.

Do come along to my classes and meet me.  I am not young (nor too old) and am probably more fat than thin, but yoga is not really about how you look, the real secret can be found in The Bhagavad Gita.

‘For yoga is perfect evenness of mind.’