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Clare Bennett

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I am an experienced facilitator that feels excited to bring ‘Authentic Connections’ and ‘Self Love Club’ workshops at the In the Moment Centre for Yoga, Movement and Wellbeing.

I facilitate workshops, work with people one to one and I also have a passion for public speaking.  My areas of expertise are self-love, compassionate communication, nurturing positive relationships, and expressing our authentic self.  I speak from my heart, and I do my best to make sure you feel cared for during my workshops.

I am passionate about supporting people to drop the mask and express their authentic selves.  I believe that we often hide the most interesting parts of ourselves and that it is only when we find the courage to show people who we really are that we can make true connections.  I believe that the way in which we interact can leave us feeling empty, and that there are aspects to the Glaswegian culture that make it more challenging for us to love ourselves.  I want to challenge some of those societal norms by offering more positive alternatives.

I will give you my full attention and do my best to make you feel comfortable with my warm and open communication style.  I am compassionate and caring whilst offering practical advice and support.  I facilitate workshops using a variety of creative methods including fun activities which will lead to meaningful discussions.  I use a whole range of tools that have helped me transform all the relationships I have in my life, starting with the relationship I have with myself.

For more information about my message and my work you can check out my website.  I look forward to connecting with you.

Yours authentically, with love
Clare x

“We can create social change through speaking from our hearts.”