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I’ve practised yoga for about 20 years, originally to help my martial arts training and sporting activities. Later in life, I suffered a couple of bad injuries (I thought I’d never practise yoga or sport again) but I re-started yoga to help my rehabilitation – and it became part of my recovery.

Craig Buchanan
Craig Buchanan

I discovered a profound approach to yoga, influenced by the work of Vanda Scaravelli, where your felt sense of movement (from inside the body) used to find physical spaciousness and release towards the yoga postures. It’s a slower and more mindful practice than most – and in that, very enjoyable and rewarding. Through this, my understanding of movement and the relationship to my body shifted. I wanted to share what I was getting from this work, I went to India to learn how to teach yoga. I now pass on what I’m personally exploring in my own movement to others which is challenging, but amazing with it. My focus is on using inner attention – to work mindfully from your contact with the ground, to ‘join up’ within your body and release tightness – allowing your body to express itself naturally in the yoga.

My Weekly Class – Overview

What if you could go ‘inside’ and learn to sense subtle movement in your joints and tissues from a place of real attention and calm, and what if, by taking time, you could learn to move from there – without pushing or pulling towards the postures? My mindful movement class focuses on letting your body open, soften and use gravity better. You will work through self observation to sense your contact with the ground, to ‘join up’ and release tightness – allowing your body to express itself in the yoga. Work in the class can be light and playful or stilling for the body/mind, the emphasis is on freeing your body, particularly the spine, to be light and flexible. It’s an intense but gentle practice rather than a straining sweaty one and a deep way to connect with yourself, that, over time can bring profound changes. The approach is fun, fascinating and rewarding for many, it reduces stress and it will help you move better generally. You will benefit from this class whether you’re young or old; stiff or flexible; male or female or big or small.