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Deyna Devi (Hirst)

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Deyna is currently working and studying in India, please contact her by e-mail or through Inner Fire Yoga on Facebook.  If you would like a Skype or WhatsApp chat to discuss teacher training she is happy to arrange that.

Deyna Devi (Hirst) is a Hatha Yoga Master and Independent Yoga Network Elder who has studied extensively in the UK and India over 25 years training in Dru, Sivananada, Transformational, Iyengar and Nada Yoga plus Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy.  She is passionate about sharing knowledge and experiences gleaned from various Swamis (Masters) and runs unified Yoga teacher training programmes and professional/personal development courses globally: eclectic Hatha Yoga styles are integrated with deep philosophical roots and you are always encouraged to evolve your own teaching style from these foundations.  Her invitation is to join her with open mind and heart and allow your inner fire to be ignited and celebrated in a dance with all the 5 bodies we are blessed to have …