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Fiona Sears

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Ever since I was a child I have asked questions about nature, people and relationships between the two.  I loved to read and be told stories of folk and faerie tales and all the ancient Greek myths as this was where I was born and raised.  I was fascinated with drawings and loved painting landscapes and portraits of myself and other people.  I would spend months away from the city during family holidays and this connection to the wild has always been very strong in me.

My journey the last few years has been one of honing in on the things that I truly love doing, services that I love offering and trusting that Love and Life will go on as it needs to.  The births of my children were real turning points in my journey that is of course still underfoot.  Many of the habits that weren’t of any use simply fell away, others I have had to keep an eye on but through the years as well as a lot of experience and practice, an unlearning of sorts has been the case.  A shedding of many layers of unnecessary masks, books, lectures and accumulated preconceptions, ideas and expectations of the world.  During this time my work with yoga, people and plant medicines has brought me closer than ever to where I want to be, and to who I truly am.

The work I offer here is the culmination of a lifetime of searching for connection, ultimately to my Self, nature and to others.  I use the word ‘Self’ with a capital ‘S’ in the same way that Carl Jung intended, as a description of the whole of the being.  The image of the divine expressed that is happening through me.  All I had to discover was that IT is not out there somewhere, but in here.  It was right here all along.  But in order to stop searching, I had to begin!

I offer this work as an aid to your own journey through life, a deepening into the realm of body through bodywork and yoga.  A communion with the medicine of Cacao.  Underlying all that however, is simply the intention of connecting to what is real and true to You.  What is going on right here and now in your own body, your life?  I’m not here to provide answers but to point you back to your Self.  Therein lie all questions and all answers.

With Love,
Fiona Sears