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Heather Budge

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For 14 years I was a student of the late Ronnie Robinson, the last 5 years of which as one of his teaching students.

During this time I learned that through Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong, one can learn to be more relaxed, focused, less stressed in life, and also to improve one’s health.  If one is balanced internally, in body, mind and spirit, it is possible to be so externally, with the rest of one’s world.

Ronnie always encouraged his students to also learn from other teachers, and consequently my knowledge has been enriched by other experts in the Tai Chi field including Karen Limb, Luigi Zanini, Jan Silberstorff, Roger Janke, Professor Li Deyin in China, Mario Napoli, Judith Van Druge and Sam Masich among others.

I am a qualified Sifu (teacher) and member of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and my primary ambition in assisting students to learn Tai Chi, is to explore what Tai Chi skills mean to their own bodies, and how it can help them to attain a balanced and contented position in their own lives.