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John Paul Mason – Breathwork Facilitator

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Breathing Journeys was founded in 2014 by John Paul Mason to provide unique spiritual journeys for healing and transformation using a simple, accessible and directly applicable format for spiritual practice that has practical benefit and relevance to people’s daily lives.

This idea was gradually formulated after many years of exploring various forms of healing and spiritual development, while searching for solutions to his own struggles.  This included a long history of meditation practice which began aged 15.  A period of significant personal upheaval and the obvious need to do things differently in his life led him to Breathwork in 2008.  This led to an accelerated period of learning and growth and rapid personal change, with breathwork becoming the modality of choice for his own ongoing learning, healing and spiritual development.

“I was meditating for years but there always seemed to be a split between spiritual practice and the reality of everyday existence.  Breathwork enabled me to bridge that gap – my everyday life is where it all happens.  Breathing Journeys is the culmination of 5 years of intense spiritual exploration.  It is my deepest heartfelt wish that those who partake in this work find answers to the questions that drive them deeper into life.”

John Paul currently resides in Comrie in Perthshire, Scotland with his wife and her two children.

“John Paul is an intuitive and highly skilled practitioner, having done extensive training and personal development with breath work. His sensitive and heart-centred approach provide the basis for creating a safe and compassionate space for exploration, healing and growth.” ~ Liz Pawley, Breathwork Coach, 2013

John Paul brings to Breathing Journeys his own multifaceted abilities and clarity developed through years of experience in a diverse range of disciplines.  He has extensive breathwork training gained with various UK and international teachers, including the Avalon Institute of Rebirthing in Devon, with whom he received a Diploma in Rebirthing in 2013, Zentium International from Australia and Sundoor International from the USA with whom he is certified as a Spiritual Coach and Transformational Breathwork facilitator.  He also trained in aura diagnosis and is a qualified Reiki Master.  He has experience in groupwork, having trained for a year with the Institute of Group Analysis in the UK and has undergone training in group practice and ritual with, among others, Joanne Macy, Green Activist from the United States of America.

Prior to founding Breathing Journeys, his previous working life included working as a hydrogeologist and environmental consultant.  He then co founded and ran ‘Walkabout Scotland’ – a mountain walking and outdoor leadership tour company, leading others into the Scottish Highlands and celebrating the beauty of Scotland.  He then fulfilled a long held ambition and spent a year performing as a singer and guitarist around Scotland before returning to tour guiding throughout the Highlands of Scotland.  He is an experienced mountain man and guide, initiating others into the beauty of the Highland backdrop where he now resides and runs Breathing Journeys.  John Paul connects readily with the environment and natural world around us, which brings immediacy to his practice and enables connection with the here and now of everyday life. He shares through this work these collective skills and experience.