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Roberta Weber

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Roberta leads healing groups and workshops combining an intuitive mix of mindbody, spirit based and biofield/energetic medicines such as BodyTalk, Constellation therapy, Shamanic healing and tuning within the biofield.  In the group healing sessions (as well as the workshops to some extent) you can expect to experience a deep grounding, an opening of possibilities for health and wellbeing, a strengthening of resilience, a release of stress, and a connection to your own version of the divine.  All the work is done by first connecting all participants within a sacred circle, thus tapping into a ceremonial matrix celebrated around the world as well as within the group.  The circle is helpful in combatting the feelings and effects of isolation so commonly felt in our society.  The participants will then lie down on a yoga mat, and listen to the session as it unfolds.  Deep breathing and occasional tapping will be asked of you – and sometimes guided visualisation will be used to facilitate the work being done.  The session will be closed and then the circle closed.

This work is aimed at deep yet gentle healing.  Roberta will discuss appropriate parameters for each person to work within – so each person sets their own boundaries for the depth of healing they are willing to expose themselves to.  Group healing sessions can be very powerful, so it’s important to moderate what we’re willing to absorb according to our own life circumstances and support.  If there are any concerns, please discuss them with Roberta prior to attending your session.

I look forward to working with you to increase your sense of wellbeing and decrease your stress.