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Shona Sweeney

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YogaBellies offer authentic classes, therapies and workshops for women and children at every stage of their lives including pregnancy and birth; for post-partum mum and baby or toddlers.  We offer yoga for women from puberty to post menopausal.

YogaBellies® sessions incorporate a range of authentic yogic and holistic techniques which create a unique experience for our clients.  Our sessions may incorporate traditional yoga asanas (postures); self-hypnosis and deep relaxation; unique YogaBellies® touch therapies using our gorgeous own brand products for mother and baby or beautiful songs, games and positive life building experiences for infants and children.

YogaBellies® classes are entirely unique and our class formula means that 86% of our class attendees have never set foot in a yoga class before.  We make sure our classes are non-scary, non-threatening, welcoming and open to all levels of practitioner.  We believe that yoga is accessible to everyone.

As a YogaBellies teacher, I am able to tailor a complete holistic programme for any woman’s specific needs from menstruation, through conception, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause.  In fact we offer classes for mother and child.  We also offer YogaBELLES yoga classes just for women which focus on women’s health and wellbeing and natural cycles right up until post-menopausal.

I look forward to welcoming you into class.