Simone ~ yoga therapist, pain specialist and energy worker.
Simone ~ yoga therapist, pain specialist and energy worker.

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Yoga That Returns You Into Balance

SPECIAL NEW Joint Mobility Class, 6.00-6.45

PERFECT for those that consider themselves a non-yogi and think they are too stiff to do yoga. Maybe not confident in their body, balance and ability to learn new tricks fast. Each class has a colourful mix of fitness, stretching and understanding our marvellous system.

  • All moves are adapted to your level (Chair based options)
  • Stretching and strengthening for sustainable pain management
  • Design by German Arthritis Specialist (Liebscher& Bracht)
  • Anti-stress exercises to lower Cortisol
  • Moves to assisting pelvic floor and prostate
  • Improving hip and shoulder mobility
  • Posture balance work your spine again
  • No distracting music

What you get!

It’s a set 7-week course with the outcome of a fully personalised home routine that works. This system encourages you to weekly add 1 move specific highlighted to create a personalised 7 move routine that’s practised at home in as little as 10 min daily. The trick is to learn to feel them in YOUR UNIQUE body not as a video or picture of a flexible person pretending to be stiff.

  1. Embody understanding based on fascia release and bottleneck stretches and put them in action.
  2. Discover what’s a good feeling stretch and what’s too much.
  3. Develop the skill of befriending pain, speaking to it and working with it.
  4. Realising that pain is the body’s cry for more help and support and not just age.
  5. Learn when certain muscles, slack joints or others need to take their load which imbalances and can create one crumpy area that is going to tell you that something is wrong.
  6. Develop good posture to minimise the gravitational pull of our head, which lies at the root of many back pain issues.


Align body, mind and breath. Go deeper – raise awareness – feel your body. Learn how yoga serves your health and growth.

Venue:  In The Moment.

Dates:  17th February – 31st March ’22.

Times:  6.00 pm – 6.45 pm Joint Mobility Class & 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm Embodied Holistic Yoga Class.

Cost:  Joint Mobility Class £15 drop in subject to availability; £79 7-week block (including the unique customised home practice system). Embodied Holistic Yoga Class £xx.

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