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Ulrike Litschka

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My name is Ulrike Litschka and I am originally from Germany but have lived now for more than 16 years in Scotland.  Leaving behind my previous career in Exports and Customer Services, I have decided to devote myself to full time teaching Qi Gong.

After learning and practising Qi Gong in Germany for a long time, I attended a two year intensive teacher training comprising 330 hours of lessons with Chinese doctor and Qi Gong Grandmaster Qingshan Liu in Munich.  It was a thorough training in all aspects of Qi Gong and there was a strong emphasis on how to conduct classes and making sure the participants are kept safe.

I followed this up recently with a shorter instructor training with Des Lawton, the Principal Instructor of the San Bao Martial Arts School in East Kilbride, which refreshed my skills and also provided me with the English idioms.

My Proposed Class Structure

  • Qi Gong I: Initially starting with a beginners class, introducing “Harmony in 18 Figures” including warm-up and closing exercises.  Participants should be able to conduct the sequence comfortably with guidance or on their own.
  • Qi Gong II: Followed by a regular class for continuous practice, deepening the execution and understanding of the 18 figures but also introducing several new exercises to keep the class interesting.

This class can be attended by anybody who has completed “Harmony in 18 figures” or similar forms i.e. Shibashi, Taiji Qi Gong.

Clothing: Comfortable, loose fitting clothes and shoes with a firm sole that give support, like trainers, are recommended.