I began studying Kundalini yoga and I am  now a long term student of Shri Kali Ashram a traditional Tantra and Tantra Yoga school.

Tantra yoga for me has been a lesson in loving my asana practise and myself. I have gained physical and mental strength since practicing the Tri Dosha balancing Asanas. I also had asked many questions about the universe since I was a little girl which physics from the last few hundred years was not able to answer without gaps. This scientific system analysing the world in pieces left spaces in my concept of the reality I live in leaving me with suspicion of school science and spirituality in equal measure. Tantra yoga is giving me a rich concept of myself and myself as part of a vibrant whole which just can’t be measured with current popular science trends.

I still work as a nurse and I intend on keeping my vocation through my yoga journey but practicing and teaching have allowed me to assess what I really want to experience in each moment. Teaching and being with students fulfills me in a special way.



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