Have you tried talking therapies to address your sexual issues, but without success?

Does it make sense to you to address your issues around sexuality with a combination of touch and talk, rather than talk alone and, indeed, with someone at ease around sexuality and well able to give you practical advice and support to enable you to change long standing patterns?

In matters of sex and intimacy, sometimes we need talking, and sometimes we need touch but, most of all, we need connection, warmth and acceptance.  Psychotherapy can only partially engage with sexuality because it excludes touch, and although there are exceptions, psychotherapists have often been somewhat wary around sexuality.  Yet touch based approaches often, whilst engaging with the body, don’t engage with the person.

John Fraser works relationally with the whole person through touch, talking, exploration and connection, in a way which is heartful, open, collaborative and – most importantly – safe.

In these Covid times, when John cannot see clients in person, he has been working via Zoom.  John offers free 30 minute introductory consultations by Zoom for Individuals and Couples, to explore the possibility of working with him further.  Please get in touch.

More details of John’s online work with couples.

More details of John’s online work with individuals.