Do you seem to attract the same patterns over and over again and don’t know why?  Let’s ask your soul.

Auric Soul Reading brings that which is unconscious to the conscious, allowing understanding and unblocking of problems, behavioural patterns, beliefs and limiting programming.

During the reading you will also experience a deep energetic cleansing.  In a conversation from spirit to spirit, through clairvoyance, chakra scanning and various other energetic processes, we will capture specific information and messages which are important for your growth and transformation.  We will access your subconscious, your internal state, emotions, thoughts, actions and potential.  That’s why this is an excellent self development tool.  You can look within and find out exactly what is holding you back.  Memories of collective patterns, past lives, deeply held fears, anger, destructive emotions and excessive behaviours are all stored deeply within you.  Accessing them allows you to shine a light on their origin and how they are no longer serving your evolution.

We often take full responsibility for our limiting behaviours, but an auric soul reading can be so liberating when you realise it’s not all your fault.  This also helps to strengthen patience, creativity, compassion, love and many other healthy, beautiful emotional abilities.  With a conscious perception of the dynamics in which you live, you will not only be able to clearly understand your action and purpose in the world, but also learn how to separate your own energy from the energies which do not serve you.

What speaks from your soul?

Subconscious behavioural patterns. ~ Limiting programming. ~ Past lives. ~ Chakra imbalances.   Let’s ask your soul.