What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

One-on-one wellness coaching is among the most effective approaches in helping people make and sustain lifestyle improvements.  Coaching focuses on:
• Developing long-lasting healthy behaviour changes
• Encouraging you to take responsibility for your health and wellness
• Helping you find what motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle

Often there is an enormous gap between making healthy choices and the everyday realities of living.  There are physical, mental, and emotional consequences for overeating, under-exercising, and having too little down-time for recharging your batteries.  Coaching can help you close the gap from where you are today and help get you where you to want to be!

Health and Wellness coaching is comprehensive and customised.  Joanne will help you develop a positive vision and an action plan.  The experience can help propel you forward and stir you to achieve more so you can make lasting changes and realise your vision!

The coaching experience:
• Increases in accountability and responsibility
• Permission to focus on you and the way you feel and function
• Collaborative problem-solving and strategising
• Safe, open, and honest dialogue
• An improved ability to utilise and build upon your strengths

Working consistently with Joanne can allow you to focus on your needs, your values, your vision, and your goals through a trusting relationship.

Joanne can assist you with a variety of topics including:

Improving energy
Weight management
Stress management
Brain health
Risk factor modification for lifestyle related chronic diseases
Improving life satisfaction
Emotional and mental wellbeing
Frequently Asked Questions
How much time does coaching involve?
During the first session, you will review your current health and wellbeing assessment, develop your vision and personal goals, identify your motivators and strengths, and explore your challenges and possible solutions.  Then together we will determine how many follow-up sessions you need to ensure your success.  The initial session is approximately 75-90 minutes, while later sessions last approximately 50 minutes.

When will the sessions take place?
Together we schedule sessions that fit your schedule!  We will conduct sessions in person or (outwith the Glasgow area) over the telephone or internet.

Be EMPOWERED through Coaching!

Contact joanne@joannemoller.com or visit www.joannemoller.com for more information.